Homemade Remedy for Mites on Puppy

My puppy had mites almost 4 weeks ago, I took her to the vet where we got antibiotics and they did 2 dips to clear up the mites. They went away and the hair started to come back around her eyes but now she's starting to scratch again and I'm afraid she might be getting the mites back.


I'm hoping for a home remedy before I spend another $150+ on dips and medicine but because it is around her eyes I don't want to put Vaseline or anything like that on her. Is there another home remedy or should I take her to the vet? Any suggestions will help...

Becky from Madison, WI

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Some mites (mites are mange) are contagious to humans ! Cough up the $ and get her to the vet. There are no effective home remedies for this.

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Perhaps you could call a local vet.or humane society and take the pet in and ask him for a shot of ivomec. It works on many cases of mites.


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You can ask for Revolution or Advantage Multi from your vet. If you use it monthly it will treat and prevent your pup from getting the scabies mange mite. Your vet should be able to sell you one of those. It will also treat intestinal worms and fleas and prevent heartworms.

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Do a search on Dirtdoc.com. Don't know about mites but he has a lot of advise going organic for controlling fleas, etc. on dogs and the lawn. I haven't tried them yet because it's not flea season here yet in west Texas.

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Using some tea tree oil in pet shampoo/ baby shampoo/ liquid castille soap will kill the mites, but it should NOT be used near her eyes. I'd use something vet recommended for the face area and shampoo her with shampoo-tea tree stuff. It'll soothe her sores and make her feel better too (it's very healing). You can even keep using it to kill fleas on her later. The dip can be dangerous for puppies; I don't blame you for not wanting it done again.

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Hi! First i'd invest in Tea-Tree Oil Shampoo for your puppy. (The best i've found can be purchased online at http://www.drbronner.com/drb_sai_liquids.html - I know it says it's liquid soap, but it can be used as a shampoo. The stuff is amazing!) Then I'd buy either Tea-Tree, Geranium, or Citronella Essential Oil. Place a few drops of this on the puppies collar or on a bandana (do NOT place directly on the puppies skin: it will burn!). These oils are a natural repellant for mites, fleas, and ticks.

It's much less expensive, and far safer than using mite, flea, and tick medication - which is poisionious and can be fatal if given in the wrong dosage, or if the puppy manages to chew on his flea collar or lick the medication off his skin.

I hope this completely solves your problem! All the best to you and your puppy!

Cheri in S.C.

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Your vet should've given you a dose of Revolution or Advantge Multi (I believe its Advantix in the US). Either of those do sarcoptic or demodectic mange as well as fleas, worms, heartworm as the other poster mentioned. That is your BEST route and not that expensive. Here in Canada, Advantage Multi which I recently purchased, large dog formula, 6 pack was about $100, and you'd only need one dose, maybe two to be sure.

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Try skin so soft powder from avon I use allot in the summer to keep my barking kids bug free with no side effects

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Strange but true, use Almond oil, yes the stuff you use for cooking, three times a day, just use cotton batten and dab it on him. It worked like a charm for mine, and he smells nice when its done.


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1. I had read all the posts from various sites including this one, and I can tell you from experience that some just may work. I tried the peroxide and borax method , only to find it dried my dogs skin out and made it worse. Now maybe youve had good luck with that. If so stick with it. But what I want to share with you is this.

Mange is the irritation cause by mites that have followed the dogs hair folicles to its oily base where it feeds on the dogs natural ability to produce body oils. It dries the skin out and causes severe itching and will drive your dog to insanity.

I have truly found what I believe to be the cheapest most effective cure bar none  and if I didnt care so much for the animals I would patent it. These items can be easily found in any Walmart store.

An oatmeal wash will do for starters to clean your dog and relieve some ofthe itch.

Towel dry lightly, then  purchase the large tube Equate A & D ointment ( or if moneys not an issue , get the real A&D ointment.

Cut the tube open and get an old empty jar like for peanut butter or something similar). Empty the contents of the A & D ointment into the jar .

Next buy a large tube of Desiden ointment with zink (the Equate generic brand works fine! Cut it open and empty the contents into the jar.

Next purchase Cocoa Butter and once again empty that into the container.

Add about one shot (no more) of olive oil . And stir the mixture till all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

With a pair of latex gloves liberally apply the greasy mixture to your pet and assage it into the skin. Dont just wipe it on the coat and settle for that. message it in all over. Including the tail and groin.

Yes your dog is going to look like crap. Change your dogs bedding,vacuum out her kennel and wash it out. spray it with a bleach and water solution and let air dry.

With a clean disposable throw away bed sheet on her bedding, lock your dog into its kennel for a few hours  ofcourse letting her out to go to the bathroom, but then back in the kennel. Yes your dog will lick some off, but not enough to cause an issue. As I mentioned, and you know, these are mites. and were gonna kill em!

The A & D and Desiden with zinc will clog the pores and sufficate those mites in the greasy coat of your dog  Your dog will sleep a restfull sleep like it hasn't done in a long time because its skin has been moisturized and the mites are dying. Next few days watch the difference! After three days do the whole

process again (youll have plenty of left over balm.)

In one weeks time, youll be astonished that hair is growing back and the color of the skin is looking wonderful! Pay particular attention to scabbed areas and massage more into those areas and bust open those scabs and get that balm in there! Vets will make a fortune off you and charge ridiculous amounts for dips and shots.

This works! I mean This works bigtime and is dirt cheap! You can thank me later. Now go help your pet!


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