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Frugal Curtain Tiebacks

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Frugal Curtain Tiebacks

Besides tassels, there are other decorative, inexpensive ways hold the curtains open. This is a guide about frugal curtain tiebacks.


Solutions: Frugal Curtain Tiebacks

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Tip: Use Old Silverware For Curtain Tiebacks

I wanted some unusual tie-backs for my curtains. I like old oak furniture and countryish stuff. So I had the idea to take two beautiful old silverplated spoons that I owned and I bent them back into a "U" shape. I then drilled through the spoons into the window trim and had a beautiful and unique tie-back set.

The spoons also made me think of my grandmother. Before doing this, the spoons just sat in an old chest and were never used. Larger soup spoons can be used for bigger windows. Also, make sure before you bend the spoons which side of the spoon you want displayed. Some of my very old spoons have interesting "bowls" on them and that is the part I like to show. Usually I like the engraved or decorated handles to show.

By Janet from Brant Rock, MA

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Question: Frugal Curtain Tiebacks

Window with curtain and tiebacks.Advice for making frugal curtain tiebacks from the ThriftyFun community. Post your own tips here.

Ribbon, Bandannas And Barrettes

In my living room I use 2 inch wide ribbon that matches my decor, the curtains are made out of sheets. In my son's room, I use bandannas. When I really need to pull the curtains back so they don't get caught in the window fans, I hold them with binder clips.

I have used large hair barrettes from the flea market, some are very decorative. It depends on how thick the curtain is.

By QueenBeeCrafts

Neckties, Scarves And Other Ideas

Long neck scarves, cheap at thrift stores, are great to use. You can also buy cheap men's neckties at thrift stores too, they'd make pretty funky tie-backs! If the curtains are long enough, you can also trim some fabric from the bottom to make matching tie-backs.

Or how about being really thrifty and plaiting the legs of old stockings or tights and using those! :) That'd be a conversation piece!

By Jojo

Braided Yarn

I took 3 pieces (equal length) of yarn (any color) and braided them together and used them to tie back my curtains. I do however like the idea of the neck scarves and ties posted on here earlier.

By Imaqt1962

Use Cup Hooks And Braided Cord

I just recently purchased tiny brass cup hooks (from the hardware section at Walmart) and some delicate braided cord from their sewing section to use with my sheers in the living room. Works perfectly. The total cost was about $2.00.

By Bonnie

Old Necklaces

Old necklaces make good tiebacks for curtains. I'd prefer pearls, but use whatever you have.

By Carol in PA

Cheap Necklaces

I've used cheap necklace for kids at the dollar store, they do look great as curtains holder.

By NeeNoon

Silk Vines

I have used silk plant vines, like ivy, as tiebacks on my white sheers in my bedroom. They matched the print on my comforter, and I held them to the window frame with a thumbtack. I think they came from the Dollar Store, and I got two tiebacks out of each one. For three windows, it cost me $3.00!

By Mrsmutt

Fishing Line

I use monofilament or fishing line.

By Kladybug

Wide Ribbon

I also use 2 inch wide satin ribbon.

By Jantoo

Use A Jumprope

A colorful child's jump rope cut into lengths you need or just regular rope you can buy according to length at the hardware store and eye hooks to hood it all.

By Paula Jo from Mebane, NC

Match Your Tiebacks To Your Room

You can use almost anything for a tie-back.

In the kitchen, drill a little hole into the handle end of silverware and then bend them backwards into a U shape. Screw it to the window frame and it looks really nice with the curtain in it.

In the bathroom, take old shower curtain hoops and link them together like a little kid's chain around the curtain and hook it onto a cup hook screwed into the window frame.

You can use a piece of the bendable hotwheels track in a boy's bedroom (or a girl who likes cars). Just punch a hole into both ends of the track, bend it around the curtain, and onto a cup hook in the wall.

Girls room, how about a piece of ribbon with Barbie clothes sewed to it? Or little toys from Happy meals? Or just string a bunch of buttons (kids can do this part).

At Christmastime, use garland or that plastic candy-looking garland. This can be done for any holiday or time of year.

By Joy

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Most Recent Answer

By Linda (Guest Post)10/31/2007

I have used several strands of raffia and a few silk flowers tucked in at the top. Very casual look.