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Craft Ideas for Nursing Home Patients

Elderly Woman doing needle work

Finding crafts that nursing home patients will enjoy making can be a daunting task. This is a guide about craft ideas for nursing home patients.


Solutions: Craft Ideas for Nursing Home Patients

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Tip: Painting Crafts for Nursing Home Residents

Looking for craft ideas to engage retirement home residents. Here are a few suggestions to engage them in conversation whilst doing crafts.

Van Gogh Flowers

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Sketch out 12 sunflowers and a vase. Give each person a flower or two to paint in. Discuss the life of Van Gogh and show residents how to paint flowers in Van Gogh style using small brush strokes and dots.

Love Locks

This is a good Valentine's activity. Draw a few locks on cardboard and discuss the Love Locks bridge in Paris with residents. They then paint or colour in the locks and write the names of people or things they love on each lock. Then glue them to the bridge.

    Love Locks Craft

    By diana.collings [2]

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    Here are questions related to Craft Ideas for Nursing Home Patients.

    Question: Easter Craft for Nursing Home Residents

    I am looking for an Easter craft for girl scouts to do for nursing home residents. Any help would be appreciated.

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    By gem 154 261 05/01/2012

    Wish I had seen this sooner. I am an Activities Director and for Easter I made all of them these darling bunny cups from styrofoam cups. They were easy to make and were just so cute. I will leave a pic so maybe next yr you'll have a good gift for them. I also made home made eggs to go in them and wrapped them so they'd stay fresh.

    Be sure not to put in plastic grass. Mine was paper. They tend to eat everything.

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    Question: Craft Ideas for Someone That Lives in a Nursing Home

    I work at a nursing home as an activities director. I need ideas for new and exciting things I can do with them. Please keep in mind, that not many of them can do anything. Many only have the use of one hand.

    I would also like to beg you to get involved in your local home. Many of them don't get visitors and could use friends. If you call ahead, most places will have someone able and ready to go for an ice cream or even church on Sundays. You can help simply by grabbing your pet and/or a book (I like the Chicken Soup books) and just go read to them, or hold a hand, you won't be sorry.

    April from Buffalo, NY

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    By sandi 2 4 01/27/2010

    Read simple poetry to them leaving off the last word, only works if it rhymes. They can usually figure it out. Go on line and find a site aout Wise Old Sayings, like easy come easy ... go) they finish the saying. Go to thrift store and buy inexpensive games like Blurt, Password and donate them to the activity staff. Look up trivia on the internet for the residents, but make it fairly easy.

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    Question: Nursing Home Crafts

    Can anyone help me with clay pot crafts or any other easy craft ideas for a nursing home residents' craft day.

    By MargieT from Australia

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    Hi Margie. I also work at a nursing home running crafts activities. I've started to blog about it to share ideas. Last month we made a Halloween haunted house with cardboard, cellophane and water paints.
    This month we're making Fascinators - fancy head bands for the Melbourne cup. Bought a pack of headbands from the reject shop for $3 and the rest were things I had at home.
    Next month (Dec) were painting cardboard cut out christmas trees and decorating with stickers.
    Hope this helps!

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    Question: Activities for an Alzheimer's Patient

    I work as an activities assistant in a nursing home. Some of my patients have Alzheimer's/dementia. I have trouble finding craft/activities for them. Coloring gets very boring and I know they want to do more. I am also on a tight budget. With the warm weather coming I would like to start a garden club, but they are in wheelchairs. I am at a lost for ideas.

    By Joyce from Pittsburgh, PA

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    By jessie53806 1 01/09/2014

    I work at an AL facility but we also have quite a few in wheel chairs but you might be able to find some one like we did that will donate time and the materials to make crates. They will lift the pots off the ground, so the can get to them more easily it would lift the plants up enough that they would be able to reach without bending over in the chair.

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    Question: Father's Day Crafts for Assisted Living Residents

    I am looking for some easy and cheap crafty ideas for Father's day for disabled, elderly residents at an independent living facility.

    By katskits from Bowling Green, KY

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    By Dena Roberts 35 491 05/25/2009

    Is this for the seniors to make? Or as gifts to give them? If it is for gifts for them, I would suggest getting some fabric and making small "pouches" for eyeglasses, remotes, etc. I made one for my grandfather from some denim. 3 feet long by 1 foot wide. Put right sides together. Fold over about 1/3, so you have a pouch with one longer side. Sew up the two sides of the pouch. Flip right side out. Tuck the long end under the sofa cushion? Under the mattress? Under their bottom on their wheel chair? Wherever, holds those things that are always getting put down and misplaced. He kept his glasses, remotes, and cordless phone in can make hems, decorate, etc..or leave them really simple. If not hemming, use pinking shears to cut the edges and use non-raveling material.

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    Question: Crafts for Retirement Home Residents

    I am starting my summer clinicals shortly with elders from a local retirement home. I will have a mix of men and women with varying degrees of ability. Anyone have any ideas for "therapy inspired" craft projects? I need something different. The elderly at the retirement home get to see groups like us every semester. I want to really engage them cognitively, socially, and physically (fine motor mostly). But here is the kicker - it MUST be fun! I don't want to bore them with "oh, this again".

    By KisanOTA from Appleton, WI

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Dena Roberts 35 491 06/04/2012

    You could have them make "fascinators". They are the pretty little "hats" that are so popular now. Check them out on line...a lot of the British royal family started wearing them and now a lot of people make them and wear them. They are just a piece of netting with hand made flowers or bows (or use your imagination) glued or sewn on to them.

    For the ladies: glue or sew a small hair clip to the back, so they can wear it in their hair. For the men, glue or sew a safety pin on the back, so they can wear it as a "boutinere". (Sorry about the spelling!!) Then they can make fancy finger sandwiches and dainties and cold lemonade and have a garden party (which can be indoors or out). Have them make simple decorations: table centerpieces, paper flowers, etc. and play some soft background music.

    This could be a "progressive craft" that would take a few sessions to put everything together, with the garden party as a fun goal to look forward to.

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    Question: Crafts for Visually Impaired Nursing Home Patients

    I am looking for crafts for nursing home patients who are nearly blind. They will appreciate being able to still do crafts. Thank you for your suggestions!

    By JudyEss

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    By Denise C. 2 7 04/20/2012

    They have knitting looms where you just have to weave the yarn in and out of large spools. They could feel the spools instead of seeing them.

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    Question: Craft Ideas for Assisted Living Home

    I work volunteer hours working an assisted living home trying to earn my silver award for Girl Scouts. We do crafts every other week or so and we do a craft usually for each holiday. We have done a Halloween craft but now I need ideas for a Thanksgiving craft that the residents could hang on their door. These crafts need to be not very complicated and not use expensive supplies. These people's hands are shaky and have trouble with gluing many parts together. They love to paint (they use the foam brushes for sponge painting) so painting is okay.

    Kim from CA

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    Most Recent Answer

    By tiffany (Guest Post) 01/19/2009

    I'm looking for creative ideas for my activity calendar for next month. I have bingo, wine & fruit, birthday party, movie & popcorn. I have some crafts, I need more ideas for the males at my facility. Please help

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    Question: Recycled Crafts for Nursing Home Residents

    I would like ideas (and pictures) of easy crafts using recycled items that nursing home residents would enjoy making.

    By Sandi from Brookville, IN

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    By diana.collings 2 3 04/26/2013

    Hi There,
    I run craft classes at my local nursing home. Last week we did a class on Van Gogh, talked about his life and his 12 sunflowers painting. I painted a yellow vase on butchers paper then with green sticky tape made the stems and they glued their painted sunflowers onto them.
    Recently we did a Mary Poppins activity with coloured pencils and talked about the book. ... 3/04/22/mary-poppins-craft-activity/
    In the past we've made bubble wrap bunting with cardboard, paint and bubble wrap. ... 3/20/bubble-wrap-easter-egg-bunting/

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    Question: Nursing Home Decoration Craft Ideas

    I need a January craft to make decorations for the inside doors at a nursing home.

    By Kim

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    By gem 154 261 01/01/2015

    Since we get most of our snow in January I do a snowman theme. This year I did a board saying Let it snow with tiny punched snowflakes from glittery looking bags I got at the dollar tree and snowman figures. The background is red and it makes the snowflakes stand out. I think it looks great. My craft projects will be snowmen. Hope this helps some.

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    Archive: Craft Ideas For Someone That Lives In A Nursing Home

    There is a elderly lady we know who just moved from her cozy house here on the lake, to a nursing home. I love to do crafts and she loves getting gifts from me. Her place is small and she really misses her old house because she has lived there for over 30 years. Can anyone give me some ideas on what to make her?




    RE: Craft Ideas For Someone That Lives In A Nursing Home

    Just a few ideas I have done in the past for folks:

    Quilted lap robes, quilt for their bed, velcroed fabric carriers that hang on their walkers or wheelchairs to put stuff in. A fabric deal that is weighted and goes over the arm of the chair to hold TV remote. Quilted picture frames. A dog bone shaped neck pillow

    Actually, I have taken my projects to show them what I have been working on and just visited them. If you have a pet or child take them along. Company is what they want the most to break up the day. If they are able have them do something to help you in your projects.

    I make bags for missions at church and I have them insert the drawstrings. Also, make baby blankets for missions and they love to tie them. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. God bless. (12/27/2004)

    By Aline

    RE: Craft Ideas For Someone That Lives In A Nursing Home

    Would it be possible to make a terrarium look alike of the lake. Maybe using real and artificial plants. Maybe even use ground and small stones from her home. How about having her make a scrapbook? Or maybe makeup her own recipe cookbook to give out to her friends. (12/30/2004)

    By Mr. Thrifty

    RE: Craft Ideas For Someone That Lives In A Nursing Home

    Take a selection of cloth for her to choose from, making sure it's ok, then make her (or help her make for herself) switch plate covers - to give her room a more homey feeling than the institutionalized plain plasic ones. Such small things could be made personable to make a HUGE difference to what someone feels of where they have to be. Thats one of the first things I always did when I moved into a new place was switch plate covers. That's strange I guess, but it was a small and very affordable change I could make quickly. (12/30/2004)

    By melody_yesterday

    RE: Craft Ideas For Someone That Lives In A Nursing Home

    This isn't necessarily a craft idea but a worker at a nursing home suggested that the thing nursing home patients need most is socks, sweatsuits(you might decorate one) tissues (make a tissue holder) and handkerchiefs. (04/06/2005)

    By MamawKC

    RE: Craft Ideas For Someone That Lives In A Nursing Home

    I have found working in the activity's dept. in a nursing home that a variety of things are enjoyable, however the one craft they ask for regularly is book making. we take 3 sheets of construction paper, cut them down the middle with holes along one side to "bind"the book with yarn, and just cut their fav. pics. from a magizine. (12/30/2005)


    RE: Craft Ideas For Someone That Lives In A Nursing Home

    How about taking some pictures of the lake area where she lived and putting them into a scrap book for her? Or creating a folder for her to put her cards, photos, other mail into? I am an Activities Director in a nursing home, and my residents love things that are personal, decorative, yet have a real purpose. (05/13/2007)

    By m.r.c.

    RE: Craft Ideas For Someone That Lives In A Nursing Home

    I know it's been a long time since you posted, but I just found this site. How about taking pictures of her former home, and then printing them out on computer fabric. You could make a lap quilt using the fabric picture squares and additional fabrics, then maybe line it with a fleece type fabric for the coziness factor. Also, you could make a plain lapquilt and embroider a cross or scripture on it. (11/27/2007)

    By Marlene

    RE: Craft Ideas For Someone That Lives In A Nursing Home

    Crepe paper flowers are a great activity for nursing homes. Patterns range from the simple to the complex. Materials are inexpensive and not hard to find. The flowers are pretty when finished. And they bring back great memories. (05/13/2008)

    By Nicki

    Archive: Nursing Home Crafts

    I work in the activities department of a busy nursing home. It is a challenge finding craft ideas that are enjoyable to MEN.

    Archive: Nursing Home Crafts

    <div align="right">


    I volunteer at a local nursing home and do crafts with the residents a couple times a month. The residents enjoy the following crafts:

    Rubber stamping: Myself or a helper ink the stamp for the individual and place it on the paper. The resident pushes it down to make the stamped image. Most of the residents are able to push on the stamps. We have used the stamps for pictures, and then colored them in using craft chalks and eyeshadow applicators), to make greeting cards.

    They also enjoy making cards and pictures using stickers. The helper removes the sticker from the sticker sheet and the resident places it on the craft.

    Last week we made foam door signs with the resident's pictures on them (I ordered these from the Oriental Trading Company craft catalog - about $5 for a set of 12). The craft kit included self-adhesive letters and shapes. I took my digital camera and printer to the nursing home and we put the photos on the door signs. The residents really liked them.

    They also enjoy making jewelry using pony beads or large wooden beads.

    My helpers are my son and his friends. The kids enjoy the crafts as much as the residents do, plus the residents enjoy seeing the kids.

    By KimberlyJ from Redford, Michigan


    RE: Nursing Home Crafts

    In time you get back more than you give. Blessing will come to you for what you're doing for the residents, and it's giving me ideas. Thank you. (08/05/2009)

    By tennesue