Fleas and Hardwood Floors


Would resealing a hardwood floor trap and kill any fleas in the floor?

By Kennard from Port Orange, FL


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Does borax work to kill fleas on hardwood floors? I don't have pets and have lived in this house for 3 months. I have been getting bitten by fleas the whole time. I don't know where they hide, but I typically find one or two on my socks when I am in the kitchen or the upstairs bedroom.

Mel from Rutland, VT

RE: Fleas and Hardwood Floors

Have you tried setting off flea "bombs" in your home? If you do this twice a few weeks apart, it may solve your problem.

Also, when my cat had fleas, I sprinkled regular table salt over my carpets to dry out the larva. It seemed to work well. (01/10/2007)

By Cresanna

RE: Fleas and Hardwood Floors

Sounds like the people before you had pets. Is the house rented? If so, contact the landlord. It is his responsibility to get an exterminator or bomb. If you own the house, I would recommend bombing. You can buy the bombs just about anywhere. Remember to do all levels including the basement. Remove any houseplants and follow directions. Good luck.

Diane (01/10/2007)

By brdldy

RE: Fleas and Hardwood Floors

Plug in a night light and set a pan of soapy water on the floor beneath it. The heat attracts the fleas and they drown in the soapy water. Spray your furniture underneath and in the back with insecticide for fleas. Put any throw pillows or throws in the dryer for awhile and that will kill them on there. (01/11/2007)

By Carla

RE: Fleas and Hardwood Floors

Jerry Baker has all sorts of natural suggestions for everything from apples to zits, I think. I'd try him online before I'd bomb with the strong chemicals during the winter when you can't really air things out well. Good luck and God bless you. : ) (01/27/2007)

By Lynda

RE: Fleas and Hardwood Floors

Salt works! Sprinkle salt on you floors and furniture, leave for 24 hours and vacuum. If you do not mind you can reapply and leave it for longer if you want. Repeat weekly for 1 month. This worked when bombs failed. (10/08/2008)

By Amy

RE: Fleas and Hardwood Floors

I would contact a hardwood floor person and ask them. To be honest, hardwood is hard! I wouldn't worry about using a bug bomb. It's for the air and does settle, but it sounds like you have a flea infestation, or a good start. If you don't use a bug bomb/ flea preventive now. You will pay up front later! Do you have pets? (11/04/2009)

By Belleza

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