Removing Nail Polish From Comforter


My 3 year old daughter got into a purple bottle of nail polish. I would like to know what is the best way to remove it from my bed comforter.

By Catina from Johnson City, NY


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Another person just asked a similar question but her fabric is white. Here's what I suggested to her but you might want to do a test on an inconspicuous portion of the comforter before trying unless your comforter also happens to be white:

"Have you tried soaking the portion that is stained in nail polish remover and then briskly rub the fabric together? I would try non-acetone polish remover first and be sure to wash the pillowcase afterward. ;-) Let us know if this works or not, okay?"

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I have a down comforter that my wonderful 3 year old spilled nail polish on, any suggestions on how to get it out?

Tiffany from Toledo, OH

RE: Removing Nail Polish From Comforter

This is obvious but, Nail Polish Remover, assuming it is not an acrylic type of fabric. Acrylic can melt. I am not sure about other synthetic fabrics, but natural ones should be fine. Editor's Note: Acetone nail polish remover can melt polyester fabrics. (07/09/2007)

By Krystal

RE: Removing Nail Polish From Comforter

Not sure if this will work on nail polish, but I just had success removing paint from a shirt using Crisco. I rubbed Crisco into the paint spot and let it sit for a few days. Every day I would scrub the area with a stiff brush and/or would pick the paint with my fingernail. Finally, after about a week, all the paint scraped off. Then I put alcohol-based hand sanitizer on the greasy spot and ran it through the laundry. Good as new. I believe the paint was latex and the shirt was cotton. Good luck. (07/13/2007)

By BoilerUpHeather

RE: Removing Nail Polish From Comforter

If it is a comforter that you want to keep, I would just take it to a reputable dry-cleaner without trying to clean it yourself. If you botch the job, then it makes it that much harder for the drycleaner to help. It will cost a little more than a home fix-it, but a lot less than buying a new comforter. (07/13/2007)

By DownSouth

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