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Cleaning a Film on Pyrex

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I own several Pyrex, glass measuring cups that will not come clean. They all have a film on them. I have tried scouring by hand and running in the dishwasher. I have tried bleaching them, letting them sit overnight in various soaps and bleach, etc., but no luck. I specified they are made of glass, because I'm not sure if Pyrex makes only glass products.

I thank you for your help.


By collinsmom from NJ


Recent Answers

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By Kat [7]06/03/2009

I have cleaned both Pyrex and Corningware, with years of baked on stains nothing else removed, by making a paste of baking soda mixed with dishwashing liquid. I make it thick and use a slightly damp sponge to scrub. use moderate to firm pressure. It never scratched anything I used it on. So, it's worth a try!

By Polly Levesque [28]06/03/2009

Try soaking them in vinegar (as previously suggested) and baking soda in a dishpan. Fill them up with white vinegar and then sprinkle in lots of baking soda. I do this when my dishes and glassware form a non-etched film and it works quite well. By using a dishpan, when the baking soda starts to fizz, the overflow will stay in the pan.

By Beth [25]06/03/2009

Pyrex makes a lot of things that shouldn't go in the dishwasher. The finish comes off leaving them looking filmy. The glass is etched. This includes the writing on glass measuring cups. If you've been running them through the dishwasher, this might be the problem. They're clean, they just don't look it.

By karen [26]06/03/2009

I take all my glassware that have film on them and soak them over night in a pan of water and a big scoop of oxiclean. in fact, I use the generic brands. I learned this tip from a bar bartender. Good luck, it works for me!

RE: Cleaning a Film on Pyrex

By Leah Jones [4]06/03/2009

This isn't very "green" but have you tried Oven Cleaner? I use it for my Pyrex casseroles that get a build up every now and then from use, and it works fine for me. Spray on and leave overnight, then wash thoroughly, first in soapy water, then in clear water. Best of luck.
Leah from Down Under.

By Leah Jones [4]06/03/2009

This isn't very "green", but oven cleaner isn't a bad idea. I clean Pyrex casseroles every few uses with it, because they always get a build up from cooking. Just spray them, and leave overnight, then wash them several times. Works for me.
Leah from Down Under.

By Keeper [57]06/03/2009

Did you try adding a bit of baking soda w/detergent in the dishpan?I agree if they're etched from a dishwasher they might be doomed. Also try a paste of baking soda and detergent. This combo works great on burnt stove drip pans or oven drips also.

By Cricket [201]06/03/2009

I tried soaking my glasses in vinegar. I soaked them in straight white vinegar for 3 days! And the film still didn't come off! I wound up replacing them and now I wash all my glassware by hand and never put it in the dishwasher.

By Rose Smith [44]05/31/2009

It is entirely possible that the glass is etched from your dishwasher. If this is the case, it won't come off. I wash my glass measuring cups by hand.

By Susan Drysdale05/31/2009

I can agree with everyone above using vinegar. I use those Mr. Clean pads. Not only does the film come off, but the brown cooking stains that Pyrex gets sometimes comes off like a charm. good luck to you.

By Mary Steger [16]05/31/2009

Thank you for your ideas ! I really do appreciate
them. The cups are so useful but they look terrible.

Thank you again.

By Cyinda [214]05/31/2009

Wipe them off with a paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol (or 100 proof Vodka or Everclear). Alcohol is what I use to remove any oils before I paint on glass. If I don't do this my paint won't stick.

By Gloria Stucky [11]05/31/2009

Have you got a water softner? Years ago I remember talking to a lady and she asked if we had a water softener. She said something about the salt from the softner etches the dishes. We don't have a softenr anymore and my new measuring cups are fine.

By SL Edens [1]05/31/2009

I agree with the straight vinegar soak. However, if that doesn't remove the film, it's likely that the glass has been etched and nothing will remove that. Good luck.

By stephanie [22]05/31/2009

Have you tried soaking them in straight white vinegar? If the film is hard water, the vinegar will take it off if soaked overnight. Learned this from my grandma--a total vinegar cheerleader!

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