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Is the Stuffing in a Stuffed Animal Harmful to My Dog?

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My dog is in the stage where he is tearing things apart. Can the stuffing in a toy potentially be harmful to him?

Kate from New York



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By Judy [2]01/28/2008

I never had trouble with the dog eating the stuffing but I did have to watch for "google" or "button" eyes, etc. so she wouldn't eat those. After the mess is cleaned up, the dog still liked playing with the toy, especially if we put a small biscuit-type treat down an arm or leg that she had to work at to get out!!!!

By khilde [11]01/28/2008

I suppose it probably could be harmful if he swallowed it. When my dog shreds a stuffed toy I just clean up the stuffing and she plays with the "gutted" toy. She almost seems to like that better becuase it's limp then and she can whip it back and forth easier!

By LuvMyGingerKids [45]01/27/2008

If ingested, the stuffing can cause blockage and be deadly.

Always supervise your dog while he disembowels a stuffed toy. My dog will simply toss aside the stuffing with her nose and I can pick up the pieces and dispose of them immediately.

The "skinny" stuffed animal (with all the stuffing removed) will provide months of enjoyment for your dog -- don't throw it away like I used to !

By April [185]01/25/2008

YES. He can choke on it, and it can cause an internal blockage in his digestive system.

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