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Shelf Life of Cake Mixes


Is there a leeway on expired cake mixes?

By AnnP from HI


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By OliveOyl 08/15/2011

I have used expired cake mixes (no more than 1 year past expiration) and they do not rise well. It appears the baking powder becomes inactive, so if you want to use an old mix, add a teaspoon or so of baking powder. If the mix is more than a year old I would throw it away.

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By Amy Higdon [5] 08/16/2011

Please do not throw the cake mixes away if they are expired. They are still edible and many times i mash up bananas or other fruit and put in them before baking. In working with numerous food banks & pantries, I've found that food is good for five years past the expiration date. That is what they teach you. Too many people are willing to eat a possibly "fallen" cake. If you can't do the thought of expired items, please, drop them off at your local food pantry.

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By Maile [49] 08/16/2011

The reason for the expiration dates are for the levening agents in the cake. I would feel comfortable going six months out.

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By 08/16/2011

The expiration date is actually the 'sell by' date and almost all packaged foods stand up well for a long time after that date. Even canned foods are good for quite a few years after and simply lose some flavor and quality. I've used cake mixes and brownie mixes for up to two years after the date with no problem. I personally think it depends on how the foods are stored. Cool, dark storage definitely helps preserve them longer. OliveOyl's suggestion of adding a bit of baking powder when in doubt is excellent advice.

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By Vi Johnson [286] 08/16/2011

2 teaspoons of baking powder is what I add to expired cake mixes. I have had good luck with the three major brands 2-3 years (I sometime freeze them for a year) after their expiration date.
I also put cornmeal and flour and baking mixes in the freezer for storage.

I have 25-30 year old letters from at least three national companies saying canned goods are safe to eat as much as 5 years after purchase. Even after their expiration date.Nutritional value and color may have changed, but still safe to eat. GG Vi

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