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Buying Tulips for a June Wedding

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I am planning my wedding for June 07' and I am interested in having tulips at the wedding. Everyone keeps telling me that they are out of season and that they will be expensive. Does anyone know if they are available for the first week in June and how much they cost?

Thank you,
Susan from New Jersey



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By Holly (Guest Post)08/22/2006

I think you are living dangerously.
If I were you, I'd get plastic and silk tulips. These can be potted in baskets or clay pots, given away as party favors, donated, used in the garden on the porch... later on.
If Mother Nature doesn't co-operate, you will have spent a great deal of money and nothing to show for it.

By Marylin DeYoung (Guest Post)08/22/2006

Use silk ones. We did for our daughters May wedding and everyone thought they were real.

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