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Seattle Birthday Party Ideas


Want to throw a surprise 30th birthday party for my sister in Seattle. (I'm living in S.F. Bay area.) Looking for great cakes, eats, events, location, etc. for Nov. 16 weekend. Please help.

Deb from Seattle, WA



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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 10/12/2007

I would serve salmon, coffee cheesecaeke for dessert, download imagery to print off for decor, make a Space Needle out of hot-glued toothpicks for a cake topper, paint it white? stand that over a cake in the shape of the state of WA? or have two guys on each end of the cake pitching salmon to each other like at the Pike Place Market, have sushi, blueberries, Douglas Fir and Mount Rainier references? with whole fresh rosemary you have a pretty good look-alike for Douglas Fir foliage. Just lots of seafood, State Ferry boats, and such. Oh yes, the Mariners and Seahawks, the UW, and so on. Put Seattle into the MSN browser, then instead of clicking on links, look above that and click on images. Good luck! I love Seattle!

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