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Removing Burn Marks from a Stainless Steel Pot

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How do you remove burnt popcorn from stainless steel pots? I have scrubbed with Comet and pads that won't scratch.

By Linda from Syracuse, NY


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By Runner Angi06/28/2011

I turned the exterior of my calphalon pot yellow by boiling the water out of it. I only had rice vinegar, and I poured it into hot hot dishwater and soaked the pot. It worked beautifully!

By Tina [3]06/22/2011

Just used the vinegar method today to remove scorch marks from my house mate's stainless 3-qt pot. Thank you, it worked like a charm, and now I don't have to tell him I scorched it or cough up $50 to replace it. Well done- Thank you so much.

By BocaTami05/08/2011

I tried everyone's remedy, as the same thing happened to me boiling eggs, nothing worked. I found a product under my sink called Cameo and it worked quickly and painlessly! They make a product specifically for stainless steel, but I only had the one for copper and porcelain. It worked great!

By Lilac [18]11/04/2010

Try Easy Off oven cleaner.

By Danielle M [2]11/02/2010

You can use vinegar and water. Believe it or not, vinegar is a very potent and wonderful cleaning agent. I sometimes bring the water and vinegar to a slight boil and let sit. Works for me every time! Even when I was working in retail, cooking on a flat grill that got up to 450* we used vinegar to clean the grill!

By Jen [2]11/02/2010

I don't know for sure about burnt popcorn, but I put a fabric softener sheet into a burnt pot with enough water to cover the burned part and let it sit overnight. The next day it wiped clean with no effort at all. Good Luck!

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