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Plastic Canvas Hershey Kiss Ornament

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I'm searching for patterns for Christmas ornaments that are made from plastic canvas and hold a Hershey Kiss inside. I've seen a Santa and a reindeer. They are great gifts for kids or to use as a decoration on packages.

Does anyone have the patterns that they could share?

By Darlene from Minneapolis, MN


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By Mary Ellen12/06/2009

I have some wonderful patterns shared with me by a very generous lady. I will share with you also. email me at fgordonjr AT

By KL [3]11/07/2009

Here is a mouse:


santa ( no pics ):

santa pic from another site for a a guide:

I would think once you got the basic shape down you could improvise to other characters. Seems like I remember seeing an angel one and an elf one before.

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