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Repelling Spiders Naturally

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A member of our family keeps getting bit by spiders in the middle of the night. Efforts to clean, vacuum and sanitize the room are of no effect, as well as using a plug-in verminex ultrasonic pest repeller (which does not seem to do the trick either). We have a cat, bird and dog and need something that is non-toxic, and safe for pets and humans! Is there a homemade formula for repelling spiders and other creepy crawlies from having their way with us?

Brenda from Racine, WI



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By Andrew (Guest Post)12/07/2008

I also have that problem. It's not bedbugs, because I only get bitten every one or two weeks. And it's usually two distinct holes next to each other, therefore consistent with spider bites. Sometimes more sometimes less. I haven't tried the ultrasonic repellents, but I'm going to try that.

By Diana (Guest Post)03/12/2008

I have never had the smell from Osage Orange and use them in my basement. They are out of season at this time--look for them in September or October.

By (Guest Post)03/11/2008

I used Osage oranges. I put them on shelves and in the basement and I've been spider free for 9 years and counting. When they start changing to dark you will have to change them or your house will smell like skunk.

By rae (Guest Post)03/11/2008

I ask the same question, it sounds more like bedbugs. I don't think spiders really do a lot of biting. Or it could be "no--seeums." My daughter in NY had bedbugs in her $1800 a month apartment. She had to throw her bed away and ended up moving to California. She did find a spray that she used on all her goods and then left them outside,under cover, for awhile to make sure the bedbugs were gone, They live in cracks in the floor and walls and even in stereo speakers. She thinks she brought them home from the subway.

By kidsNclutter03/11/2008

You could have *bedbugs*. They are on the rise again. It is a myth that they only live in dirty homes. Research them on the internet. You will see photos of them & their bites. From articles it seems they may bite one area in a cluster, single bite, or in a line, leaving a trail of raised red bumps which could resemble spider bites. Usually there is more than one bite. You will not feel them biting, their saliva is an anesthetic to the skin. Quite often you won't be able to see the actual bugs b/c they are quick & prefer darkness. The internet will tell you how to see that they've taken up residence & what to do about it.

By Nancy Collins [9]03/11/2008

Many creatures hate citrus smell. Maybe putting on lotion with citrus oil in it might repel them.

Sure it isn't bedbugs? They've made a comeback.

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