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Stains on Fiberglass


Help! My terra cotta pots left red stains on my cream-colored, fiberglass jacuzzi. Soft Scrub did not remove them. Any other ideas?

By Carol from Perrysburg, OH


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By Patty 13 36 06/24/2010 Flag

Being a cleaning lady of 25 yrs., I would take a fairly thick pad of plain white paper towels (6 or 8 sheets) and saturate it with bleach to let sit overnight. (Plain white so the print will not transfer). If that is not successful, you may try a product called 'WHINK' & use it the same way. If that doesn't work, try calling a jacuzzi dealer?

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Archive: Stains on Fiberglass

The floor of our fiberglass shower stall is white in color and has some very noticeable stains. We were told not to use abrasives to clean this floor, but how can we get the stains out? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

James from Toms River, NJ


Fiberglass Sinks, Tubs - Stain Removal

Stubborn stains: Rub one of the cleaners recommended for regular cleaning on stained area; leave on about an hour; rinse.

Heavy soap scum buildup: Occasionally use a mild abrasive, such as "Bon Ami" or "Soft Scrub" do not use them for regular cleaning.

Hard water mineral deposits: Occasionally remove with products specifically designed to remove such deposits that state on label they are safe for fiberglass; these are usually mild acids such as "Lime-Away" which contains some phosphoric acid, but is safe for consumer use; rubber gloves should be worn when applying, and label instructions followed exactly.

Tough stains such as tar, adhesives, oil paints, etc: Moisten clean cloth with a solvent such as acetone (nail polish remover) or paint thinner and rub stained area lightly until stain disappears. Use the minimum amount of solvent needed. Do not let solvent go down drain or touch any plastic items. Wipe off with clean cloth dampened in water. Be very careful using solvents. Do not use around heat or flame, do not smoke, keep container capped, have plenty of ventilation.

This article was written by Anne Field, Extension Specialist, Emeritus, with references from Wisconsin Extension bulletin Maintaining Your Home - Care of Bathtub Enclosures.

Michigan State University Extension (11/28/2005)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Stains on Fiberglass

You could try Fiberglass Stain Remover by Davis available at marine supply stores or order on phone at 1-800-234-3220 or 1-866-314-7827. (11/29/2005)

By Dean

RE: Stains on Fiberglass

Try Bar Keepers Friend. It's in the same kind of container as Comet or Ajax cleanser. It works great on my fiberglass shower, boat, and laundry tub.

By Sheryl

RE: Stains on Fiberglass

A simple try, that you can probably get at the grocery store are those easy erasing pads, there are two brands, Scotchbrite and Mr. Clean. The Mr. Clean brand even comes in a car washable one, I am not positive about fiberglass, but I have tried it on almost every surface, read the warning of course, you'll be shocked at how well it works on things. I have a back injury so easy is good. Once you start using them around your house it's hard to stop. These pads look like white foam, some have a blue side for the abrasive work. (11/30/2005)

By Kersti

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