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Name Ideas for a Homemade Food Business

I am starting a home business and looking for ideas on what to call it. I will be making meat and chicken pot pies, homemade beans, dessert, and stew. I would like to deliver to homes. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

By Manon from Ontario, Canada

Recent Answers

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]11/18/2010

Provided your premises have passed all council and health regulations.
"Meals To You"

By Grandma J [46]11/18/2010

Even if this is Canada, (I am USA) make sure about licensure for doing this. And you have to do it from a commercial kitchen. That means a kitchen that meets requirements of stove, fridge meet temps, bug free, mouse free, etc. All sorts of things to think about.
That said, name: Just like you cooked!

By jean leiner [12]11/18/2010

Comfort Food by Manon
From My Home to Yours
Dinner Delivered or Dinner Delivered by Manon
Manon's Meals
Dinner Door to Door

By Marilyn Steckly [10]11/17/2010

"Manon's Real Home Cooking For You" or "Reasonably Priced 'n' Delivered to Your Door"

By Suntydt [75]11/17/2010

Manon's Chuck Wagon

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