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Cleaning Lip Gloss Stains on Clothing

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A woman putting on lip gloss.

Lip gloss leaves a greasy stain if it gets on your clothing. This is a guide about cleaning lip gloss stains on clothing.



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Question: Lip Gloss Stains - Grease Spots on Clothing

Does anyone know how to remove lipgloss (with wax) from colored cotton pants?

Lily from Cranbrook, BC


Best Answers

By spunkz95 (Guest Post)09/07/2008

Mixing regular or diet Coke a cola with Tide usually does the trick for cotton, even with dried in stains :D

Best Answers

By nat (Guest Post)11/12/2007

I left lipgloss in my school shirt, the bottom snapped open then it went all through my white school shirt:S
I used hair spray and it worked fine. My advice HAIRSPRAY
Oh and u should watch the movie:)

Question: Lip Gloss Stains on Clothing

I got a lipgloss stain on my shirt. It's a bright red, so there's no hiding it. I pre-cleaned it, and washed it. It lightened up a bit, but it's still there. I don't know if this helps, but it's an Ulta pot of lip gloss. Thanks.

By Jes from Raleigh, NC


Most Recent Answer

By Amy3e [1]05/22/2010

I would try pre-treating it with water and cascade with dawn powdered dishwasher detergent. Mix into a paste, let set for an hour or so and then wash. The only caution is if it is a dark color. Do a quick test on the inside hem to make sure it won't discolor. May want to even try Dawn liquid dish detergent by itself first, it really is a wonder product!

Question: Removing Lip Gloss Stains on Polyester Vest

I put my white vest into a drier and didn't notice that there was a lip gloss in the pocket. Guess what, now I have it all over since the gloss broke from the heat leaving sort of grease looking stains all over. I saw the suggestions to iron through a paper towel, but since polyester can't take heat, I am afraid it's not a choice to get those stains out this way. It was my favorite white U.S. Polo vest :-( Anyone? I would appreciate any good advise.

By Rasa K.

Solutions: Cleaning Lip Gloss Stains on Clothing

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