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Why Is My Parakeet Holding His Wings Away From His Body?

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Our 2 year old, male parakeet has been holding his wings slightly away from his body. It looks like he's warm, but the house is 75 degrees. Vet states that all looks okay. How can we tell if he has a heart ailment? What else might be causing him to do this? We are very worried.

By JillyD from Sacramento, CA


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By one.of.a.kind [57]08/19/2010

Problems breathing?

By JillyD [5]08/18/2010

We did Google this, but nothing came up that was healpful. The vet seems to think that it's pin feathers may be bothering him. It's gone on for about four weeks though. Seems like a long time for a bird to have pin feathers. He isn't shrieking or pulling feathers out. He stands up really straight (like he's scared) and kind of holds that pose for awhile too. His appetite seems to be good.

By Cornelia [40]08/16/2010

I've seen this as a form of begging in birds. Are they getting enough attention? Food? Water? Treats? Are they bored and/or frustrated? (Being destructive, shrieking, pulling feathers out?)

But if they are scratching a lot they could have mites and are trying to cool down because it soothes the bites. Have you googled the issue?

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