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Displaying a Large Magnet Collection

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We have recently moved to a new house and I need some advice about displaying my large magnet collection in the Kitchen. I have a large wall that I'm going to use but need ideas on how to display them and what I can use.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Darla from Grand Prairie, TX



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By gina07/02/2011

I used the expensive magnet paint and 2 coats barely holds up the lightest magnets. I like the cookie sheet idea, you could not only paint them, you could add decorative trims, etc. to make them more appealing.

By Darla [23]03/03/2009

Thank you so much!

By Darla [23]03/03/2009

Thank you so much!

By nonreddeb AT (Guest Post)02/28/2009

I have 167 in my collection. I get scrap sheet metal, cover it with contact paper (I use marble print) and hang them on the wall. I use twine and "Hercules Hooks".

By Gina (Guest Post)03/21/2007

Paint the wall with magnetic paint. It can be purchase at lowes or home depot. You will have to paint over the magnetic paint because it goes on black.

By Darla [23]03/20/2007

Thank you for all the great suggestions. I'm thinking about maybe using some cookie sheets. In the future I'll try to send in a picture.

By Diana (Guest Post)03/20/2007

I use my refrigerator
My DH keeps throwing them away, a few at a time...thinking I'll never notice

By susan [5]03/20/2007

Could you either reface a couple of your upper cabinets with metal, or mount a framed metal sheet on the cabinet doors to use as a display?

By badwater [242]03/19/2007

You could get some old cookie sheets at garage sales or thrift stores. Paint them a bold glossy color. When dry hang them on your wall & attach all your magnets on them. Could hang them vertically or horizontally & in clusters or scattered all around your walls. I've seen magnets displayed on cookie sheets at yard sales. Hope this helps.

By Darla (Guest Post)03/16/2007

Thank you so much for the info and link, I really appreciate it !!

By Michawn [16]03/15/2007

I may be mistaken but I am pretty sure that I saw some new paint on a home decorating show that was magnetic?? We had those poetry type words in our bathroom and my husband put up a piece of sheet metal, not that it was glamorous but you can paint it.

Oh, I found a link!

This is just one, I typed in magnetic paint in Google and this was the first one I came up with. Have fun!

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