Removing Mold from a Refrigerator


I need help removing mold from my refrigerator.

By Jackie from Detroit, MI


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By Caressa 6 08/16/2010

To remove mold from a refrigerator I found this home-made remedy that could be helpful for you.

Mold and Mildew: Use white vinegar or lemon juice full strength. Apply with a sponge or scrubby.

Here is an eco-friendly website for cleaning.


Happy cleaning! CaressaK

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By Louise B. 6 2,508 08/20/2010

If this is visible mold, like bluegreen mold you might see on bread, just wash it with soap and water, then rinse with bleach. I would use it full strength, but you could dilute it with water. Bleach kills mold. Be sure to use hot water as well, when you are washing. I would do this with black mildew as well.

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By Jo Ann 2 11/08/2010

All those who have had problems with their GE Monogram Refrigerator with mold should post a complaint here. They changed the fan settings which did not work. I cleaned the entire refrigerator with bleach. All the drawers rusted and had to be replaced. The mold is back again. This has been ongoing for 4 years. This is 2010. Refrigerators should not mold! Please post your complaint as I would like to know how many of us are out there when I contact the company again!

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By luz 1 12/15/2010

I am also having a problem with m y GE Monogram refrigerator. After I clean it, it just continues to grow and grow. I have never had this problem with any other refrigerator. What can I do to eliminate the mold?

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By Mary 1 12/21/2010

I'm having the same problem with our GE Monogram. We also have a pool of water under the bottom bin in the fridge.

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By connie 1 01/31/2011

I also have a GE Monogram and no matter how many times I clean it , it comes back. Does anyone know if there is a recall on this product?

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By SuCerv 1 02/02/2011

I have a GE Profile and am most unhappy with it. It has black mold that I have been cleaning away for years now and it has water that pools at the bottom. I have never had a refrigerator mold like this before. Black mold in every crevice. It is gross! Anyone know if GE is doing anything to help it's customers?

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By Cissy Locke 1 04/14/2011

I purchased my GE Monogram refrigerator in 2004. Within a year or so it was growing mold. I called a repairman and he said I needed a new door gasket which I agreed to even though I felt like the one was perfectly fine that was on it. Well I can't begin to tell you how many times it has molded since then. I wash the entire inside down with full strength bleach, but in a few months it comes right back. Why doesn't GE acknowledge this problem?

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By Mel 1 04/15/2011

I called a friend tonight that works at GE, he said there is a gasket that is allowing air in. This stuff is terrible. Mold getting worse and worse. In a $3000 refrigerator. 4 years old.

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By Doogles 1 11/10/2011

I bought a GE Profile refrigerator 3 years ago and have been battling mold for the past 6 months. When I googled "GE Profile refrigerator mold" I was shocked to see how many others were having the same problem. Why hasn't GE taken ownership of this problem and offered to replace the gaskets at no charge? How can we make GE step up to the plate on this one? I had a Kenmore fridge for 30 years and never, ever had a a problem with mold. I will never buy another GE appliance. Not happy in Boston!

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By debcathey 1 02/02/2012

I too have an expensive ge profile refrigerator with the same black mold problem, have had repairmen out 3 times problem still not fixed, has ruined my floor, etc, giving up, what a waste.

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Archive: Black Mold In Refrigerator

I have black mold in my refrigerator. Its not a "normal frig", it's an industrial cooler like groceries stores have that hold the 20 oz pop. I have tried cleaning it with dish soap first and than bleach. I have tried vinegar. Today I see that the blower on top are all black. It smells horrible and I hate to store anything in there. Thank you for your help. Lori

RE: Black Mold In Refrigerator

Hi Lori I don't have one of these fridges but I did see something on TV a while ago about a family who lived in a beautiful house somewhere in the USA but couldn't live in it because it was full of black mold. They had two daughters and one of them, who suffered from cystic fibrosis almost died from the effects of the black stuff. I would get it checked out professionally if I were you. Anne in the UK (04/29/2005)

By DT7146

RE: Black Mold In Refrigerator

Bleach kills mold. Remove everything, wash down all surfaces with a bleach solution and spray the bleach inside and let it run empty for a day or so for the bleach to get into the air circulations system. Be sure to get the gaskets.Then wipe everything down again and see what happens. (04/29/2005)

By Linda

RE: Black Mold In Refrigerator

hydrogen peroxide - supposed to be better than bleach (05/15/2005)

By Shirley

RE: Black Mold In Refrigerator

I bought a fancy and very expensive sub zero type refrigerator and have noticed what I believe to be mold appearing every so often. I am constantly cleaning it but it always manages to resurface. I have never had this problem with any other refrigerator before. I thought cleaning with bleach was a no no. Could it be that the seal is defective. When it was brand new the door was very tight and you had to yank it open. Now its just the opposite. (08/07/2006)

By Patti Masciale

RE: Black Mold In Refrigerator

I also have black mold in my expensive refrigerator. I have a 36" GE Profile Monogram Fridge. I keep cleaning it with soap & water and the mold keeps coming back. I notice that my frig has a lot of moisture in it and always has. We've had it for 2 1/2 years. In the book, it says that happens from holding the door open too long, which I don't do. So, I don't know whats up with that? The mold seems to form on all the edges of drawers & shelves and in the little nooks & corners. (b)Editor's Note:(/b) Hi Sally, it may be that the tubes that go to the defroster pan are full or the drain at the bottom is plugged. Take everything out, locate your drain pan, and pour warm water through the drain. If it isn't draining, that is your problem. Also the drain pan could be full. The excess moisture that the mold feeds on should be leaving the refrigerator. (08/21/2006)

By Sally

black mold in refridgeratror

I recently discovered a lot of black stuff in the fridge at my boyfriend's house one morning and started to wonder if that was causing the head aches we have been suffering from lately. We have been having this cough like there is something stuck in our throats and can't quite get it out. We were sick to our stomaches and tired to the point of falling asleep at odd times of the day too. is this symptoms of black mold? Is the fridge deemed to be unsafe for our food? Editor's Note Black mold can be really bad for your sinuses and asthma. Here's a site with lots of information on it and cleaning it up: http://www.toxic-black-mold-info.com/findmold.htm It says here that the drain pan of your refrigerator can be the source of it. I'd clean it out really good. Wash the inside of the refrigerator with soap and water, then after it is clean put a glass or metal bowl with bleach in it and allow it to sit for an hour or so. Because bleach can harm the surfaces of your refrigerator, I don't think applying it directly would be a good idea. Good luck with this. (12/12/2006)

By heather kelley

RE: Black Mold In Refrigerator

I also have a big GE monogram fridge and after I have it checked by GE for black mold and changed the trays and drawers the mold came back, I have tried to clean it with vinegar, bleach diluted with water, mild detergent and also baking soda. Nothing seems to work. (03/06/2007)

By Maria

Black Mold In Refrigerator

I cleaned the mold out of my mini frig but for some odd reason, it has this red looking stain from the mold I wanted to know if there is something to get that stain out, or should I not use it anymore? I will add that once I cleaned it I left it open to dry out. I used a little kaboom spray along with bleach and water, not sure if that helps out any! Thank you (08/12/2007)

By Taylor

Archive: Black Mold In Refrigerator

We have black mold growing in the fridge and toilets. One morning last week we woke up with black filled nostrils and we were spitting black.


Archive: Black Mold In Refrigerator

Does anyone have black mold in their GE Monogram refrigerator?

By Abernathie from Columbia, MO

RE: Black Mold In Refrigerator

Please read all of the archived answers below. There is one person who posted the reason for her mold and has the same model as you do, but there are other posts besides her's that you need to understand about mold. Good Luck! (09/06/2009)

By Deeli

RE: Black Mold In Refrigerator

I had mildew in my fridge, back in the fan. I believe it might have been for the same reason as one of the archived posts. We suffered no ill effects, so I am quite sure it was mildew, and not the toxic mold others are reporting.

I cleaned the fridge periodically with bleach. If I took it apart and bleached everything, it stayed clean for several months. If I just tried to do it quickly, it grew back in about 3 or 4 months. (09/06/2009)

By louel53

RE: Black Mold In Refrigerator

My GE monogram refrigerator has black mold. I have to clean it every 2-3 months and have to set it to 9. Something freezes. The mold is still growing with setting 9. I bought it 2 years ago. The problem started right away and service people could not solve it. (10/29/2009)

By arcticrover

Archive: Removing Mold from a Refrigerator

I have black mold in my Sub Zero refrigerator. Any suggestions?


Archive: Removing Mold from a Refrigerator

Due to loss of electricity my refrigerator is severely molded. How do I clean and sanitize it? Please help.


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