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Treating a Child with Constipation

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My 8 month old grandson has trouble with being constipated. What else besides feeding him prunes (baby food) works?

By Jackie from Enumclaw, WA


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By Maryeileen [76]03/29/2011

Ask his pediatrician.

By Susana Velez [1]03/28/2011

Our pediatrician says "P is for pooping": prunes, pears, peaches. I really good remedy is dragon fruit (pitaya, strawberry pear)

By Susan03/28/2011

I'd talk to his doctor first, but I can suggest that you make sure he's getting enough water. Once a baby starts eating solid foods and not taking in as much water (via formula) they may become a little dehydrated, which can lead to constipation.

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By ~gloria [94]10/03/2011

My twins' pediatrician told us to put a tsp. of Karo syrup in their bottles when feeding formula. I did not use formula with iron, this will constipate even more. The Karo was a miracle for us. Natural and easy. Call your doc and ask if this is a good idea for your child.

By Sherri [10]04/01/2011

My grandson had the same problem and the Dr. recommended Miralax. The Dr. also prescribed a baby enema. Please ask your Dr. before changing anything in his diet.

By kitkatk100 [7]03/30/2011

My daughter had a problem with constipation when she was a baby, and we determined it was the iron in her formula that was causing it. We took her off of it and started giving her goats milk from the health food store. The problem went away as soon as we switched. Good luck!

By Loleini [13]03/30/2011

Try Essentia Water. You can get it at almost any Natural Foods store or you can order it online at

By jenny [2]03/30/2011

I used to give my son a couple drops of olive oil in the back of his throat of course, always worked. The best way to eliminate this problem is fruit and veggies with every meal.

By Teresa Tart [1]03/29/2011

I don't think I would recommend anything without knowing if your grandson is allergic to anything. I would go and talk with his doctor and be on the safe side with him being only 8 months old.

By Lilac [20]03/28/2011

Ask your doctor. She will know what to do.

By Stephanie Wolf03/26/2011

I have an 8 month old. If he got constipated I would give him 4 oz of nursery or bottled water with 2 tsp of Karo syrup mixed in it. You must use corn syrup! Not honey! Babies can get sick from honey.

By Deeder03/26/2011

My youngest son suffered from constipation for a long time, until our chiropractor adjusted his back. It did the trick, right there! We tried EVERYTHING under the sun before that! I suggest you take him to a pediatric chiropractor or one that does work with infants and children


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Archive: Treating a Child with Constipation

My grandson refuses to move his bowels because he says the smell makes him gag and it hurts really bad. We have talked to his doctor about this, but all they did was take x-rays of the bowel and confirm constipation.


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