Giving Money as a Wedding Gift

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Giving money as a wedding gift is generally acceptable in many cultures. This is a guide about giving money as a wedding gift.


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Tip: Gift Cards for Wedding Presents

My daughter is getting married in June and I just returned over $100 worth of items that she got as double presents. Considering that, I recommend giving gift cards or money to the bride and groom. It saves time for them and also they can get whatever they need.

By Robin

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Question: Giving Money as a Wedding Gift

I haven't been to a wedding in several years. Does anyone know what amount that most people give as a monetary gift?

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By Diva (Guest Post) 12/29/2008

Most reception halls charge between $75-$150 per plate. Coming as a single person I would give $100, as a couple $200.

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Question: Gift Ideas to Bride and Groom from Bride's Parents

Our daughter's wedding is coming up in 2 weeks. We gave her and her fiance a substantial amount of money to use however they chose on the wedding and reception. We are now considering whether we "should" also give another substantial cash wedding gift, or simply a less expensive, but meaningful gift of some sort. Any suggestions/experiences anyone can share? Also, any ideas about meaningful gifts from parents to the bride and groom that are not too costly?

By Lynne

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By lghay8782 03/31/2014

Related to this topic, I recently began offering "Getting Started on the Right Foot" Financial Planning and coaching for newlyweds and engaged couples.

Parents of the bride and groom most frequently purchase Financial Planning as a gift for the bride and groom, because it is truly a gift that "keeps on giving" for years to come!

Statistically, money and finances are the top issues causing marital discord, and differing financial goals can result in chaos. I spend time talking to the couple, helping them establishing and prioritizing their mutual financial goals.

I assist with a range of topics, including: analyzing employer benefits and retirement plans; combining assets; reviewing debts and credit reports; creating a budget; buying a home; updating wills; and reviewing insurance coverage.

I am interested to hear thoughts as to whether you would value this gift and how you think it would best be marketed and received. You can learn more here:

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