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Removing Tough Grease Stains


I have some really difficult set in stains in some shirts. The stains I believe are grease and dirt. I have tried OxiClean, and other stain removers, but have not been able to get out these stains. I have even washed these shirts in hot water. Can you possibly offer a solution?

By Anthony from Greenville, SC


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By D Stanek 5 06/17/2010 Flag

Not sure if you can find thin in a store nearby, we use "Vivid" Ultra color safe bleach. Can find it online. Use a little on the stain, leave overnight and wash in warm water. Have gotten grease and even creosote out with this!

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By Dannell 2 1 06/17/2010 Flag

I have had really good success with the detergent used for hunting clothes. You can get it at Wal Mart in sporting goods and it has a deer head and it is in a gold/yellow bottle. Pour a little on and let it sit over night. Hope this helps!

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By metroplex 82 416 06/18/2010 Flag

Have you tried Dawn dishwashing liquid? That's my newest best friend. Also, hope you didn't put these clothes in the dryer because I've heard that the heat 'sets' the stain in.
Try to find a cleaning product called 'Lestoil' it's a minor miracle.

Have you tried regular shampoo? The clear kind not the kind with conditioner. It's meant to dissolve body oils.
I recently discovered that Caress bar soap will dissolve adhesive from skin and from a glass window. Frightening, but true. Adhesive came off my body with Caress bath gel also. Scary, but much nicer than nail polish remover!
Years ago Safeguard made a plain white soap bar that dissolved heavy equipment grease. Not sure if they still sell the plain, but you can try.

Did you try Fels Naptha soap? It's in the laundry aisle at the grocery store and I believe it comes in a block like soap. Maybe even Home Depot or Lowes carries it. Have you checked with Home Depot or Lowes for cleaning agents? You might get lucky. In any case, good luck to you. Would you also post your progress and/or success on this site? I'd like to know what happens.

Good Luck!

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By Danialle 3 248 06/19/2010 Flag

Try Go Jo hand cleaner. Purchase at Wal-Mart or automotive stores.

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By easy10 1 04/05/2011 Flag

You may want to watch this video that takes grease out of silk or other fabrics ,it would work for carpet grease stains

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