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Buying Octagon Soap

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Buying Octagon Soap

Multipurpose Octagon soap can sometimes be difficult to find at your local market. This is a guide about buying Octagon soap.


Solutions: Buying Octagon Soap

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Tip: Where to Buy Octagon Soap

Octagon was a popular brand of bar laundry soap. However, it no longer being manufactured. It's expensive, but if you really need to own Octagon bar laundry soap, you can still purchase some here.

Octagon All Purpose Laundry Bar Soap by Colgate - 7 Oz

Octagon All Purpose Bar Soap (Pack of 3)

Fels-Naptha is still available and much cheaper. Here you can get a single bar for less than $5 and with Free Shipping.

Fels Naptha Laundry Bar and Stain Remover, 5.5 Ounce

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Here are questions related to Buying Octagon Soap.

Question: Buying Octagon Soap

Where can I get Octagon soap in Raleigh, North Carolina?

By Doris


Best Answer

By cybergrannie [30]06/06/2013

Hi - in Florida this can be found at Walmart Stores, Winn Dixie, Publics, Dollar Store and more. Pretty common here so some of your other stores may carry it. Was there a particular reason you were needing this type of soap as it is kinda strong (for me).

Maybe someone could help with a problem with a similar type of soap?

Question: Shopping for Octagon Soap

Where can I buy Octagon bar soap in Charlotte, North Carolina?

By Mary J


Most Recent Answer

By Carole Davis02/13/2015

I love Octagon All-Purpose soap and have a hard time finding it. The last time I bought Octagon Soap Bar was in a hardware store in Black Mountain, NC. I have been trying to find it closer to home in SC, but have had no luck so far.

Question: Buying Octagon Soap

I need to buy Octagon soap asap! It is great for getting rid of redbugs/chiggers, but my local store said it isn't made anymore. If not, does anyone know of something else that can be used. Itchy!

By Debi D.

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]08/04/2013

Hi - I found some at a local "bent & dent" store. Keep looking at any store you visit and you may get lucky.
(just checked the Vermont store link and this is not currently available.)

Question: Shopping for Octagon Soap

Where can I find Octagon soap for laundry and household uses in Jackson, MS?

By Sandra

Most Recent Answer

By Paula Summerlin [3]08/31/2011

I couldn't find any in Jackson, but have found it here online.
I hope this helps you.
Hugs, Paula
Kosciusko, MS

Question: Looking for Octagon Soap

Where might I find Octagon soap in my home town of Columbia, Mississippi?

By Carol Lee

Most Recent Answer

By applesauce [8]03/28/2011

Our local "Giant Food Store" in VA has Octagon soap on its shelves, try your grocery stores and if they do not have it, ask them if they would order some for you, never know, they just must accommodate your request. Good luck.

Question: Buying Octagon Soap

Is there a phone number where I can call to order Octagan soap?

By Charles from AL

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]11/26/2014

Since Octagon soap is no longer made it has become a "collectors"
item and can sometimes be found on auction sites. Some people have reported finding a rare bar at a "bent N dent" store or an older small grocery store. I am afraid that Octagon soap has become a thing of the past.

Maybe someone else has some ideas?

Question: Finding Octagon Soap

I have looked everywhere for Octagon soap. Where can I find it around Rock Creek, Alabama? I"ve tried Walmart, drug stores, hardware, and feed and grain stores. Help please.


Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]04/20/2014

It is no longer being made. Your best bet at this point is to check little mom and pop stores, and little holes-in-the-wall, and stock up when you see it. You can also do a google search from time to time to see if anyone has resurrected it but as recently as a year ago it was no longer manufactured.

Question: Buying Octagon Soap

I live in the Richmond Virginia area, where can I find Octagon soap?

By Pamela

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]08/15/2013

Hello! Unfortunately Octagon soap had ceased production-your best bet locally would be to find a small family-owned store that may have some left. I have seen it available on Amazon-for an insanely high price per bar. Time to start searching for a good substitute.

Question: Buying Octagon Soap

Where can I buy Octagon soap in Madison, Florida?

By Annie Jo

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]08/03/2013

I just read something about Octagon soap on another website a few hours ago...bad news, you may not find it anywhere local, it is no longer made. I did see it on Amazon though and it was really expensive! Best bet, check small obscure stores and buy all you see. I was so disappointed, I had plans to use that the next time I made laundry soap. Good luck!

Question: Shopping for Octagon Soap

I am looking for Octagon Soap in Maryland. Anyone know where I can find it?

By Jean L.

Most Recent Answer

By Kat [7]03/22/2013

I think I have seen it at Giant food stores, possibly at Kmart as well. It is usually in the laundry aisle instead of with other bar soaps in the personal care aisle.

Question: Shopping for Octagon Soap

Where can I find Octagon soap in Killeen Texas?

By Nicole

Most Recent Answer

By Karen [5]10/03/2011

I'm not from Texas, but try a hardware store. Better yet, call first around to different stores. That way you'll save time & gas. Good Luck. : )

Question: Shopping for Octagon Laundry Soap in Phoenix

I recently heard about Colgate Octagon all-purpose laundry bar soap. It sounds very close to my grandma's favorite, Fels Naptha. I still have some of her Fels, but I'd like to try Octagon. I checked out Colgate's website and they don't even mention that they make it anymore. At the least, I would think there might be a, "find in your local store" kind of click-on. Is there somewhere in the Phoenix area I can buy it or am I stuck with ordering online only (e.g. at Amazon, etc.)?

By Terri T.

Most Recent Answer

By Free2B [216]09/10/2011

You can order it at Soaps Gone By. My dear friend Julia told me about it. They send you your order pretty quick. You can buy other soaps there too.