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Recipes Using Cocoa Mix


I received some large packets of gourmet hot cocoa mix as a gift, and not being much for drinking it, wonder if anyone has a recipe or two that I can use them in to share?




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By Viv (Guest Post) 10/29/2006

Oops, I meant hot chocolate mix

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By guest (Guest Post) 10/29/2006

I mix a packet of cocoa mix with a packet of instant oatmeal. Use less hot water that usual. It tastes like a no-bake cookie :o) A spoonful of peanut butter makes it taste even better, and more nutritious!

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By carla bledsoe (Guest Post) 10/30/2006

you maynot drink coco but how about coffee. mix it with hot coffee.
mix with cold coffe and ice for a smoothie
if you don't like to drink it at all mix it in with a cake mix or brownie mix. there isn't enough in one packet to make a difference in the recipe and it will use it up.
rice crispy treats with a package of chocolate mixed in the marshmallow melt would work.

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By Trisha (Guest Post) 10/31/2006

I have favorite online recipe index is and you can search for recpes by their ingredients. you just click the search then search by ingredients (you can enter as many ingredients as you want the recipe to include) but in this case I guess you would jsut enter cocoa powder. You will get come cake recipes and things. The recipes are also rated so you can sort them and just try the ones that other members thought were really good or you can be adventurous and try what sounds good to you!

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By jackie (Guest Post) 10/31/2006

I like the no-bake cookie thing...i'll try that, and I'm definatley gonna do the 'crispie treat' thing. hubby loves treats!
thanks for the suggs, i have a LOT of it, and i'll try most.

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By badwater 263 654 12/06/2006

I use a sugar free syrup for beverages in my hot cocoa. So far, I've tried "Irish Cream", it's really yummy! I've tried "French Vanilla", not bad, but not my favorite. I've also, got "English Toffee" that I've not tried, yet.

You might could try adding the hot cocoa mix to a vanilla pudding mix to make your own chocolate pudding. That way you could control the extent of the chocolate flavor. I like lots of chocolate, where my hubby only likes very little chocolate flavor. You might could try adding it to yellow or white cake mixes, for the same effect. Use the cake mixes to make those ez cookie recipes (egg, cake mix & something else). Good Luck!

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By qritiq (Guest Post) 03/15/2008

Ooohhh. That hot cocoa oatmeal really sounds good. Guess what I'm having for breakfast. Thanx!

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By scotters (Guest Post) 10/04/2008

I know this is an old thread, but if anyone else stumbles across it. I use them in pancake mix. Yummy Chocolate pancakes :) As a personal preference I also drop in chips - chocolate chips, peanut butter chips or butterscotch!

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