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Getting a Puppy After Losing One to Parvo

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Parvo is a very contagious disease, the virus can remain active in your home and yard for some time. This is a guide about getting a puppy after losing one to parvo.



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Question: Parvo Information

I recently fostered a puppy who had been treated for parvovirus just before I got her. I also have a Rottie of my own who is currently on steroids for mild wobblers and had surgery 6 months ago for a spinal cyst. Is my Rottie in any danger of contracting the virus? Is her immune system compromised due to the steroids? She was vaccinated over a year ago. Is my yard in need of sanitizing? If puppy's parvo was treated before coming to my home, is the yard stil a hazard?



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By Abigail A. [10]03/22/2015

Yes, the yard is still a hazard. I'm assuming your dog has been vaccinated for Parvo. If you were concerned at all about fostering a puppy that had been treated for Parvo, I have to wonder at your reasoning for doing that. Or maybe this is just hindsight.

A puppy that has been treated for Parvo can carry it in its body for some time after, and the feces is contaminated. Only dogs that are fully vaccinated should be in your house or yard.

Question: Parvo: How Long Should I Wait to Get Another Dog?

The staffy pup I brought home from the shelter had parvo. She soiled twice on my carpet. I quickly cleaned it up and then we used a trigene disinfectant from the vet and sprayed the carpet many times. She also vomited once outside and we dug out the soil about 2 feet and bleached the area. The pavers have been bleached and all floors have been bleached. My pup had to be put down, she was so young and sick. How long should we wait until anther pup can come into my home?

Many thanks,

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By John Stark 04/15/2009

Bleach will NOT work outside! Use Shacklee Basic G, it kills the Parvo in the grass, on the ground but won't kill the grass or pollute the ground.

BTW, Parvo stays on and in the ground a year if not treated and it can be tracked home by anyone who goes in your yard.

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Question: Getting a Dog After Parvo

My daughter lived with 2 years ago. Her dog somehow got parvo, and survived and lived in my house for those years. He hasn't lived with me for a year now, but still comes over.


Question: Could My New Dog Have Parvo?

I have had three dogs, one we sadly just gave away a couple months ago. He had never been vaccinated, a friend wanted him after we had him over a year. We then adopted two from the shelter one is around two years.


Question: Getting a New Dog After Parvo

My dog died about a month ago from parvo. I want to know how long I should wait to get a new puppy and how I could clean my yard, house, things, etc.


Question: Getting Another Dog After Losing One to Parvo

I recently lost 2 Boston Terrier pups to Parvo. They had their shots, and were 7 months old. They had gotten loose and went to the neighbor's yard, where the neighbor had already lost 2 pups to Parvo, and has had several cases of Parvo over the past 5 years; I found out.


Question: Getting a Puppy After Losing One to Parvo

We got a puppy 1 year and 5 months ago, and it turned out it had parvo virus. She had gotten it whilst still with her mum. We only had her in our house and yard for two days before taking her to the vet, we had to get her put down unfortunately.

We are thinking about getting another puppy that will be 8 weeks old. After the ordeal with our previous pup we cleaned the house as well as we could and the backyard.

We are still not 100% sure about getting another puppy as it is a risk. Any suggestions or advice?


By Tash

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [10]04/15/2015

I'm pretty sure you'd be okay if you get a puppy after it has had all its initial shots. The risk would be present but low.

Question: Getting a New Puppy After Parvo

Staffy puppy6 months ago I lost my 11 month old puppy Ace to this horrible virus. I was told that this is long enough and that if I get a new puppy they will be OK. Is this correct or not? My boy was American Staffy X Aussie Bulldog can anyone tell me what breeds are more susceptable?

By Cheryl K

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By Abigail A. [10]09/27/2014

Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Labrador Retrievers, American Staffordshire Terriers and German Shepherds are most succeptible.
Did you steam clean or shampoo the carpets? Have you thrown away all bedding, toys, and food and water bowls? Have you mopped all floors with disinfectant solution?

Your new puppy should have at least one or two of its vaccinations in the series before you even bring it into the house. This will include Parvo.

Question: Getting a New Puppy After Losing One to Parvo

2 weeks ago my Dachshund puppy died from parvo. I bleached my whole yard and now we have decided to buy a Labrador puppy that has been vaccinated. Is it right to buy the puppy?

By Vishal

Most Recent Answer

By Joshua A.03/14/2014

I'm sorry for your loss. I got a puppy a few years back and she apparently had parvo before we got her. We adopted her from an animal shelter. Our vet advised us to get an adult dog with all vaccinations. Well we did and not a month and a half later she had seven puppies. I did not want her to go back to the animal shelter so we just prayed they would be fine and kept them inside until they were about a month old. They are all almost two years old now and they are quite fine.

When you get your new dog I would make sure the mother had all of her shots and was taken care of properly. A lot of people will tell you parvo lives forever in the dirt and all this but I honestly dont believe it. If your puppy that died was inside at all I suggest you you clean every place your puppy touched with vinegar (I didn't do a thing to my yard).

You can make homemade cleaning solutions with vinegar for your cloth items (couch) if need be. Obviously make sure they get their shots when theyre old enough. This is just speaking from experience. Good luck!

Question: Getting a Puppy After Losing One to Parvo

I had a puppy that died from parvo. If I get another puppy that already has its shots can it still get the parvo virus?

By NLM from Easley, SC

Most Recent Answer

By Veronica P.04/13/2015

Yes, they can still get the virus. Just because your dog or puppies are vaccinated don't mean they can't still get the parvo virus. They can. My nine week old puppy needed one more shot and she got hit hard with the parvo virus and passed yesterday. So yes, they still can get the virus!

Question: Getting a Dog After Losing One to Parvo

My puppy died of parvo and I'me another one. It has had 7 in One, is he protected? And what can I do to kill the parvo in the yard?

By Laken

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