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Creative Easter Bonnets or Hats

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I know it's a little early but does anyone have any ideas on making Easter bonnets or hats? Something different from the norm would be great, I've already seen a great one involving covering a cap with yellow strips of yarn and adding yellow feather wings, googly eyes and orange felt feet to make a large chick hat. It was cute, but I'd like some different ideas if anyone can help. :)

JoJo from AUS



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By (Guest Post)03/04/2008

Last year we used a $1 easter basket and glued plastic eggs in it. Just fair on the creative side but it works in a pinch for a quick hat.

By luv (Guest Post)02/24/2008

At scwl we have a hat competition and the best hat wins! I have never one but for my last year. I would love to win. Have you got any ideas for a easter hat, cause I don't?

By Raven Fanatic! (Guest Post)03/26/2007

I made a easter bonnet that was all about "Thats So Raven" I am 15 but am a huge fan! I have seen everyshow and can recite the dialogue. So this idea goes out to all the Raven fans like me! I put pics and stickers with Raven. and I glued the hair a chunk of hair of hers tht i bought on ebay. By the time i was finished it looked like a shrine, that you could wear on your head! SUPER COOL!

By Sinead (Guest Post)04/11/2006

I am making a easter bonnet at school 2morrow and I am going to try these brill ideas!thank you!

By nicola o carroll (Guest Post)04/10/2006

i got a bonnet and put a plastic cocktail shaker on to a plastic plate and attached it to the bonnet. filled the shaker with cotton balls and put sweets in side it finished of with a straw so you have an EASTER SUNDAE!!!! brill idea

By Rachael (Guest Post)04/05/2006

I got a large piece of cardboard and my son cut out different shapes then we sat down and ate a tray of easter eggs ( best part ) and used the foil wrappers by sticking them over the shapes colour side down so when it is turned over you see shiny shapes.You then have to roll it into a cone and hey presto, my son was then an easter wizard. Very cool!!

By karen ,england (Guest Post)04/03/2006

i used my sons bob the builder hat as it is yellow anyway,i added lots of things ,icovered it in crepe paper first and then added lots of those little chicks,daffodils and ribbon it is very effective and stays securely on his head.hope this helps i could'nt think of any other type to make as boys can be so very fussy.

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