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Rust on Stainless Steel Pot


One of my stainless steel pots has little rust stains from a leak I had in one of my cabinets. Does anyone know how to safely get them out?

Sara in FL



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By SLB (Guest Post) 01/09/2005 Flag


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By Beth (Guest Post) 01/09/2005 Flag

Make a paste of baking soda and water (just a small amount). Spread it on the stain and then rub it with a small piece of aluminum foil.

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By James Keenan (Guest Post) 07/05/2005 Flag

Baking soda may work.........some time later.....................well seems to be doing the trick! just need to get the girl to have some patience.....hmmmm....more difficult than getting rust off a bit of metal...
well it owrked i guess coz there r no complaints so far!
cheers now made our drum kit saleable....

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By becky (Guest Post) 08/21/2006 Flag

I have a 4-qt. electric ice cream maker by Richmond Cedar Works of Danville, Va. The company is no longer in business, no source of spare parts. My RCW maker is fully functional. Just noticed that where the sides of the mixing container meet the bottom, there is a slight crevice and along the edge of the crevice there are a few very small rust spots. The beater/churn scrapes the bottom closely so there's really no room to put foil over it. Two questions: (1) any way to get rid of rust in a crevice?
(2) anyone think continuing to use it is a health/safety problem?

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By becky (Guest Post) 09/24/2006 Flag

Beth--Thank you SO MUCH for this tip! I had rust spots all over the stainless steel door of my dishwasher and was about to have a fit over it! I googled for a solution and found your suggestion right away. Thanks for sharing!

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By Dan (Guest Post) 08/04/2007 Flag

Thank you Beth from deep in the heart of Texas! We had some rust stains in our sink and my wife ask me to search the net and I found your comment. Worked like a charm! :D

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By Miles (Guest Post) 09/23/2007 Flag

You are a genius. Beth! Tried Beth's remedy on the front of my brushed steel fridge door - which had started to have rust spots. I was scared to use the foil (thought it would scratch the surface) but as long as you go with the grain it doesn't scratch and gets the rust off immediately - amazing! Thanks!

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By Mogwai (Guest Post) 04/21/2008 Flag

My stainless steel door of my brand new oven started to rust because of the humid weather. I tried the tooth brush method with baking soda however didn't work too well. Then I found Beth's, it works PERFECT! Even I rubbed the foil real hard on the door, it leaves no scratch. Thanks so much Beth!! =D

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By Leslie (Guest Post) 06/12/2008 Flag

WOW! Thank you BETH! Worked like a charm! I thought my sink was ruined- but it now looks brand new! The paste with baking soda was perfect- rubbed with aluminum foil and immediately it was perfect again! Thanks! Leslie, GA

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By Happy Homemaker (Guest Post) 08/06/2008 Flag

Thank you Beth! I read your helpful tip and I did it immediately and it worked. Now I can steam my daughters food!

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By Bonnie (Guest Post) 08/15/2008 Flag

Wow - THANK YOU! Was about to can some peach jam, and my pot had rust stains from the wire rack. A few minutes with the foil and baking soda, and rust no more! Thank you thank you! You saved me and my bag o' peaches!

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By Rebecca Burney 1 08/19/2008 Flag

I agree sos soap pads will remove the rust, but you risk the chance of scraching the pot. I found the best item on the market (you can buy at any discount store or grocery store) is barkeepers friend. The best way to use this product for this purpose is to sort of make a paste with it and it just takes the rust away. When I say make a paste, it is just this easy. I sprinkle the barkeepers on the rust and use a wet dish cloth and scrub. (or more like wipe). I use this stuff all the time. It takes the ugly rust stains off your showers, tubs, and counters that are made with your aerosole cans (hairspray can). I also use it in this manner to take off burned (black!) on food in my stainless steel pots. Works great! Becky

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By Leann (Guest Post) 11/04/2008 Flag

I used the aluminum foil/baking soda on the inside of a tea pot. It got all but one little tiny spot of rust off, in a crevice that was hard to reach. Thanks for the tip!

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By wrecked stove (Guest Post) 12/05/2008 Flag

Good job Beth! this is a winning combination. My door on my stove has been rusted for 3 years... finally someone knows some good household cleaners! Don't trust products that say they are safe for stainless steel... I found out the hard way that they're NOT! Now I'm cleaning EVERYTHING! My wife will be so HAPPY. Thanks, BETH!

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By Cheryl (Guest Post) 12/12/2008 Flag

Right on Beth! baking powder paste and foil -- perfect!

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By Aaron (Guest Post) 12/12/2008 Flag

Thank you so much for rescuing my expensive stainless pot from the rust attack. The baking soda and water technique worked great.

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By Kevin (Guest Post) 01/02/2009 Flag

If it's something you dont want scratched like a gun, you can use #OOOO stainless steel pads and WD-40.

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