Removing Musty Odor from Paper


I have a lot of greeting cards I want to use for a craft project. The problem is they smell musty. Can anyone tell me how to rid cards of a musty smell? There are no stains, just a stinky smell. Thanks for any help given.

By Jan from Long Island, NY


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By Melanie Jackson 1 373 02/09/2011

Air them out by hanging them on a string, as if you're making a miniature clothesline. If the weather allows you to put them outside, all the better.

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By Julia 147 1,074 02/10/2011

Anytime you're packing something up for seasonal use, just add a bar of good-smelling soap to the plastic bag that you've secured the items in. For Christmas Cards, I like to use a bar of a soap that smells like pine, and for everything else, I use bars of original Tone soap.

If you didn't do that, try adding the cards to a plastic bag now, and pop in a couple of dryer sheets, (I prefer something with a lavender fragrance). That should do the trick. When packing up books of any kind, I always add a dryer sheet or two as well. Helps protect against mildew. I believe the same idea can be applied to anything paper.

Hope this helps you.


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By Dorina 2 100 02/11/2011

I would place them in a large Ziploc with one or two fabric softener sheets. Change the sheet after 24 hours and let that one go a day or two. It should be fine. I use this method for used books I buy that I don't notice the smell 'til I'm home.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 03/12/2011

You can try putting them in large brown grocery bag with crumpled newspaper or unused bbq charcoal light wrap charcoal in paper towels to keep neat and then seal brown bag and leave for a day or more and odor will be gone.

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What can I do to get rid of the musty smell on old Valentines that were stored in a basement? I tried baking soda and cornstarch on them, but that didn't help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Archive: Removing Musty Odor from Paper

How do I get rid of musty smell in paper?

By Eddie from IL

RE: Removing Musty Odor from Paper

You need to be more specific of 'paper', newspapers, books? If in a box, you can place some charcoal briquettes in there for a few days [close the top please], do not use the type that contains 'self-starting' fluids. (07/30/2010)

By Cajun62234

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