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Homemade Refrigerator Magnets

Animal Cracker Magnets

There are many fun ways to make creative magnets. This guide is about homemade decorative magnets.


Solutions: Homemade Refrigerator Magnets

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Glittery Glass Magnets

Three of the finished magnets.

This tutorial teaches you how to make beautiful glittery glass magnets using a few materials and nail polish you probably have lying around your house.

You can replace the epoxy with super glue, but I prefer the epoxy for its strength. Since the other supplies are usually sold in bulk, you can make dozens of magnets in a small amount of time. These make great gifts, but you'll want to keep a few for yourself!

Approximate Time: 30 minutes (not including drying times)

Yield: 20+


  • 1 bag glass mosaic "globes" ($4)
  • 1 tube epoxy ($4)
  • 1 bottle glitter nail polish ($2)
  • 1 bottle solid color nail polish ($2)
  • 1 package magnets ($3)
Supplies for making magnets.


  1. Paint the back of a glass globe with 2 to 3 coats of glittery nail polish, depending on how much glitter you want.
  2. Applying glitter polish.
  3. Paint over the glitter nail polish with 3 coats of solid colored nail polish. Let the nail polish completely harden.
  4. Applying solid color polish.
  5. Mix epoxy. Dab the magnet in the epoxy and attach it to the back of the globe.
  6. Attaching magnets.
  7. Let epoxy dry completely before use.
Finished magnets.

By Felicity H. [2]

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Tip: Recycling Magnets for Photos

A good use for those business cards that are attached to magnets. You can cut a photo to size and glue to magnet and place on your refrigerator.

By Kate from Gainesvile, FL

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Nautical Themed Fridge Magnet

Make a nautical themed fridge magnet for a beach home and bring the seaside feel right into your kitchen. Use them as a fridge decoration that pops, or stick your child's drawings of your summer holiday to your fridge and create some special memories.

Approximate Time: one hour, including drying time

Yield: one fridge magnetfinished magnet


  • hexagon-shaped natural wooden coaster
  • selection of small sea shells; sea stars and pieces of broken coral
  • 1.1 in 2mm thick plastic spacer
  • two small square craft magnets
  • powder blue acrylic paint
  • white paper raffia
  • red crochet thread
  • natural twisted jute twine
  • teaspoonful of sea sand
  • paintbrush
  • Super Glue
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • quick-drying craft glue (such as Bostik Clear)
  • Heritage Spray-on contact glue
  • quick-drying matt spray varnish


  1. Give the front and sides of the coaster an uneven wash with the powder blue paint and allow to dry thoroughly.
  2. Nautical Themed Fridge Magnet
  3. Make the life buoy:
    a. Cut a piece of paper raffia and glue the one end to the back of the spacer. Twist the raffia tightly around the spacer and secure the second end at the back again.
    b. Add four red sections with the crochet thread. For the first one, cut a piece of red thread and twist the thread around the spacer five times. Pull the thread tight around the spacer and end it off with a knot at the back. Neatly cut off the loose ends of the thread. Repeat three more times, ensuring that the red parts of the buoy are evenly spaced.
  4. Nautical Themed Fridge Magnet
  5. Super glue the two magnets to the back of the coaster and allow to dry thoroughly before turning the coaster over.
  6. Nautical Themed Fridge Magnet
  7. Use hot glue to frame the coaster with the twine, and neatly cut off any protruding edges.
  8. Hot glue the life buoy and a few bigger shells in place.
  9. Nautical Themed Fridge Magnet
  10. Add smaller shells and pieces of broken coral to complete the arrangement.
  11. Nautical Themed Fridge Magnet
  12. Spray parts of the coaster with Heritage Spray-on contact glue and while the glue is still wet, sprinkle sand over the coaster. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  13. Spray the coaster with the spray varnish. Remember to work in a well-ventilated area when spraying the varnish. Allow to dry and add a second coat. Allow to dry and whoo-hoo! Your nautical coaster is ready to be used!
  14. Nautical Themed Fridge Magnet

By Benetta [194]

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Spring Flower Photo or Note Magnet

Notepad in clip.

Easy and affordable spring refrigerator magnet that holds a note pad or a cherished photo. A darling gift for children to make and give as gifts for Mother's Day or Grandparent's day.

Approximate Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 1


  • 1 strong straight piece of magnet
  • glue (or hot glue gun with stick)
  • 1 clip art flower picture or coloring picture
  • 1 stem clip art
  • markers
  • 1 pair scissors
  • 1 clothespin
  • ruler or straight edged item
  • white or green paper for stem


  1. Glue the magnet on the back of the clothespin.
  2. Gluing magnetic strip to clothes pin.
  3. Color the clothespin with the markers.
  4. Coloring clothes pin.
  5. Make a stem by measuring the clothespin and using a ruler or straight edged object to make lines. Cut out stem and color if necessary.
  6. Drawing stem.
  7. Color and cut out the flower and leaves.
  8. Colored flower and leaves.
  9. Then glue the stem to the bottom edge of the clothespin with the clip part pointing towards you.
  10. Now glue on the flower and the leaves so one is on each side of the stem. Allow to dry.
  11. Finished flower magent.
  12. Put note paper or photo into clip end of finished flower magnet. Enjoy or give as a gift.

By gem [154]

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Button Magnet

This very big button has the perfect holes for threading through bright crochet thread and yarn for magnets.

Approximate Time: 20-30 Minutes

Yield: 1finished magnet


  • 1 large button with 4 holes ($.50)
  • 1 darning needle ($0)
  • 5-6 yd crochet thread or yarn ($.25)
  • 1-2 magnets ($.15)
  • 1 hot glue gun ($0)
  • 1 scissors ($0)


  1. With your button facing you, thread from the back of any of the four holes, spotting the thread to the back with just a dot of glue.
  2. Button Magnet
  3. Make 4 threads through, either cross or vertical. Cut the tail and glue it to the back in the center.
  4. Button Magnet
  5. Make a new spot of glue to attach the longer thread, work to the back and wrap 8 single threads around the hole to the edges and back in again. Don't double the thread to save time, it will twist. If your thread or yarn sags, spot glue it in the back to keep it taut. Finish up and glue the back thread to the back, then cover it all with a magnet. N-JOY!!

Source: I have seen these on sites and free spots.

Link: N/A

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [452]

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Tip: Making Decorative Magnets

This tip should have been thought of at the beginning of the year but, oh well.

Don't throw away old theme calendars, some of them have thumbnails on the very back page that make perfect fridge magnets. Cut each thumbnail out individually and place on a magnetic sheet (the kind that you buy at the dollar store). If you place them close together you can get a lot of magnets out of one 5 x 7 inch magnet sheet. Great for someone who wants small gifts to enclose as tuck-ins

Source: me, I have done this for years, then I sell them at craft sales for $1 each.

By Leanne from Williams Lake, B.C.

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Seasonal Refrigerator Magnets

Seasonal Refrigerator MagnetsWhat to do with those advertising magnets; that is the question? Let the kids make holiday decorations for the refrigerator out of them; that is the answer!

Approximate Time: 10 minutes


  • advertising magnets or thin sheet of magnet
  • fabric or cardstock for holiday decor
  • tacky glue
  • fusible web or spray glue
  • heavy scissors
  • iron
  • seed beads
  • glitter
  • yarn
  • cardboard for pattern
  • pencil
  • patterns or draw your own


  1. Either draw your patterns (you could print out the photo for my patterns): Easter eggs, shamrocks, elf hats, pot of gold, fire crackers, Uncle Sam hat, turkey, pumpkin, fall leaves, jack-o-lantern, black cat, ghosts, you get the idea. Anything will work just make sure you have the fabric or cardstock to match the character.

    Perhaps you want to put a child's face on a magnet. No matter what shape you are making the directions from here on out are the same.

  2. You can use spray adhesive instead of fusible web, it works wonderfully and no one will get burned. It is a little messy, but if you lay paper out and spray the sheet of magnet, apply fabric, let it dry and then cut out your shape it isn't bad. You will then trace your pattern on your magnet with ink and cut inside your line.

  3. Cut out his or her face, or what ever shape you are working with. Trace it onto the fusible web and cut it out leaving about 1/4 inch around the pattern. Fuse this to the wrong side of your fabric; cut out on the lines. Now peel the paper off and fuse to a magnet. Be careful if your magnet has writing on it, place paper towel between your iron and the magnet. Remember it doesn't take, but a few seconds to fuse the web. After you get it all fused together, cut out the shape and you are ready to decorate.

  4. Using your tacky glue draw lines and apply your beads, yarn, glitter, or whatever. If you use glitter you will want to seal it after it is dry with a couple of coats of thinned tacky glue or it will continue to shed. Use fabric pens, but be sure to test them of fabric before using on your magnets some pens spread and you don't want to ruin your child's work.

Note: Don't glue on large beads or rocks as the magnets aren't strong enough to hold them.

Make a set for each holiday and you can change them with the seasons.

By Ann from Loup City, NE

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Tip: Earring or Brooch Magnets

For the prettiest magnets use vintage earrings or brooches. I cut off the pin back on the brooches and the clip-on part of the earrings. Attach a small magnet with E-6000. I first noticed this idea at a craft show. They were selling for $5.00 and up to $10.00 each.

By Janette from Parkersburg, WV

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S.W.A.K. Critters

Send a kiss to someone you love by way of these cute little critters. With just small pieces of felt and some magnets, your love will soon be on the way. They make a cute gift for any occasion. Give one as a magnet or add to the top of a gift. Stitch a straight small branch to the back of one and include it in a bouquet of flowers. You can also make a heart tag from card stock and write a love note on it such as, "I'm udderly crazy about you" for the cow or "Sending a deer one a big kiss" for the reindeer. Thread a string through the top of the heart and hang it from the arm with the magnet. This would also be a great project for an older child to make for grandparents.

Approximate Time: approx. 1 hr.


  • felt, assorted colors
  • wiggle eyes
  • round button type magnets: 3/4 inch and 1/2 inch
  • needle and assorted color threads
  • yarn - lion
  • pom poms - bunny and Grinch
  • pipe cleaner - snowman
  • small red and black beads - snowman
  • black wood bead - Grinch


SWAK Critters Template

For the most part, all critters are assembled in the same general manner. I will first provide the general instructions, followed by any specific differences in each. They are all hand sewn with simple stitching and if you need to trim at all, it is easy to do with felt. Do as much detail sewing as you can before you stitch any body parts together, such as facial features, hearts, tails, tummy pads, etc. This will help leave the back with a cleaner look. Wait until the end before gluing any items on, such as pom poms and eyes.

  1. The first body piece you will sew is the circle for the front magnet pouch on the face. This is sewn to one head piece, which will then become the face. Sew this piece on only half way, then insert magnet and finish sewing closed. I used the larger magnet on the face and the smaller size in the hand. I chose to use the larger magnet on the face because it fits in the pouch well and gives the front of the face a full look, especially for the Grinch. You can choose to use only the 1/2 inch ones. They are strong enough to attract to each other. Do not use magnet sheets. They are not strong enough to magnetize through the felt. Use thick, button type magnets.

    Note: When putting two magnets together, there is a positive and negative side to each. Be sure you have the correct side facing out so the two can magnetize together.

  2. The dotted lines on the placement diagrams show where parts are inserted into others. Refer to these and photos along the way. Put both head pieces together, inserting any additional pieces, such as ears and antlers, as you go. Leave bottom of head open. Put body parts together and insert into head. Begin stitching together, inserting arms, legs, and any other lower body parts.

  3. Sew hoof (hand) pieces together, leaving tops open. Insert magnet inside one, being sure you have correct side facing up. Insert end of arm into hand and sew closed. Do same for other arm and feet. Glue on any objects such as eyes, nose, spots, pom poms, etc. Glue another small magnet in back, if desired.
Cow and Lion Magnents Template


Cut two small circles and sew onto pouch circle with french knot in middle of each for nostrils. Cut one head piece and one cow head piece with horns. Insert udder when you are inserting arms and legs. Glue on spots. Cow and Bunny Magnents


Sew nose and mouth details on pouch circle first. Sew small circles of felt on for cheeks. On one head piece, glue yarn around edge for mane. Leave these a little long and trim after body parts are sewn together. Pinch ears when inserting into head for a slightly dimensional look. Bunny and Reindeer magnents Template


When done, glue on pom pom for nose and two for cheeks. Run a piece of thread or two behind cheeks for whiskers. Glue white pom pom on back side for tail. Reindeer and Lion Magnents


Make two french knots on pouch circle for nostrils. Cut two small strips for each antler. I inserted a piece of toothpick between and sewed closed. Cut small circles and sew to tops. Insert these along with the ears. Grinch and Snowman magnents Template


This one is the most time consuming, only because he has more parts. But if you are a fan of the Grinch, the end result is worth the added steps. Of course, this is him after his heart grew.

For head, cut one from head pattern and one from Grinch head pattern with neck. Sew some french knots on pouch circle along with mouth lines. On one head piece, make a couple figure eights with thread for eyebrows. Knot in the middle of each. Snip ends and trim to desired length. His nose is a black wood bead snipped in half. This is glued on at the end along with the eyes. Insert hat and hat trim at an angle into head parts. Stitch closed. Refer to picture, if needed. Lay white neck trim on top of body front. Put both body parts together and insert into head, laying neck on top of white trim. Stitch closed. For each hand, cut one from hoof pattern and one from Grinch hand pattern. When sewing pieces together to make hand, place hoof piece in back. Sew a pom pom on to tip of hat. Grinch and Snowman magnents


Cut small carrot shape from orange felt and sew to top of pouch circle. Sew on black beads at bottom for mouth. Cut two circles for middle of snowman and two more, slightly bigger for bottom. Sew on black beads for buttons. Cut two strips from black felt for hat brim and two squares for hat. If desired, cut two small holly leaves and use red beads for berries; sew to front of hat. The broom is made using a pipe cleaner for the handle and the top is cut just like the tail tips. Insert pipe cleaner and sew top closed. Attach to snowman where Xs are indicated on placement diagram with a few stitches.

By Mary from Palm Coast, FL

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Tip: Complaint Form Magnet

This is what you really wish you could put on your office door.

Approximate Time: 2 hours


  • a mini clip board from craft shop
  • your choice of paint and brush
  • scrap paper
  • small felt tip marker
  • strong magnets at least 1/3 inch deep to clear the clip on back.
  • E6000 or hot glue gun


Paint your choice of color. Let dry. Write "complaint form" on the bottom, and cut some paper to fill in the clip.

Hot glue or E6000 a larger magnet to the back, as it has to clear the clip on the back.

It looks good on the fridge, but can be a real conversation starter for the file cabinet at work, too.


By Sandi from Yorktown, VA

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Tip: Reusing Vintage Tins

vintage tin fridge magnet

I save the tins with cute, vintage looking graphics after cleaning out my cupboards to make desk sets and/or refridgerator magnets! They would make a cute gift too.


  • old spice or baking tins
  • magnetic tape
Reusing Vintage Tins


  • Just add tape to the back of old spice tins from your cupboards for a cute vintage desk set or pencil/stamp container on your fridge.
  • By Donna [296]

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    Flower Locker Magnets

    Flower Locker MagnetsSilk flowers can easily be turned into cute magnets, perfect for using in a locker or on the fridge.

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    Paper Spool Shaped Magnets and Pins

    I got a free image on Pinterest for several shapes of thread spools.

    Approximate Time: 15 minutes

    Yield: 1finished pin and magnets


    • 3 sq in card stock paper ($.05)
    • 3 sq in scrap booking paper ($.05)
    • multiple scrap trims ($0-.15)
    • 1 hot glue gun ($.02)
    • 2 magnets ($.15)
    • 1 pin backs ($.25)
    • 1 straight pin ($.001)


    1. With your template, cut the shapes you need. I did double paper and cut them at the same time for exactness.
    2. Choose your trims well. You don't want so much on the back that your magnets or pins don't work.
    3. Paper Spool Shaped Magnets and Pins
    4. Wrap just enough around for effect. Hot glue a pin back on for the smaller ones and a magnet or two for the larger ones.
    5. For a special effect, pin the front of each spool with a real straight pin. Make sure it's embedded into the back so the glue covers it, or inside the fabric in the front for safety. I made one from plastic canvas, but didn't like it.

    Source: I saw this idea on Pinterest and ran with it.

    Link: Pinterest

    By Sandi/Poor But Proud [452]

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    Shake-A-Leg Magnets

    Give your fridge color with some cute magnets and let Uncle Sam bring in the 4th of July. With a few scrap supplies and glue or thread, you can whip these up in no time. pink bunny magnet

    Approximate Time: 1 hr.


    • wiggle eyes
    • foam - refer to pictures
    • felt - refer to pictures
    • beads - assorted colors
    • pipe cleaners - refer to pictures
    • string or yarn
    • buttons
    • feathers
    • 1/2 Popsicle stick or emery board - optional
    • glue or thread and needle
    • pom-poms


    The bodies on all are assembled in the same way. I chose to glue a half of an emery board or Popsicle stick inside the 2 body parts to make them more firm. This is optional. I hand sewed my pieces together, but you can glue them instead. After body pieces are together, just punch holes at bottom and tie string on for legs. Thread your beads on or sew on pom poms. Punch a hole in each shoe and tie on to end of string. Refer to pictures for placement of pieces. When done, glue magnet on back. template for magnets


    Uncle Sam: If using pipe cleaners, curl around pencil and sandwich ends in between body parts before sewing or gluing. For mustache, roll a small piece of stuffing and tie in center with thread. Glue on face. Uncle Sam magnet

    Bunny: Cut ears from felt and bend a piece of pipe cleaner into a "V" to fit inside. Sew closed and sandwich in between body parts. This will allow you to bend ears, if desired. pink bunny magnet

    Chicken: Sandwich feathers in between body parts before sewing or gluing. yellow chick magnet with feathers

    Lamb: Pom poms are glued on. white pom pom lamb magnet with red bow on head

    By Mary from Palm Coast, FL

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    Rubik's Cube Magnet

    cube magnetThis one is a shout out to the magnificent Rubik's Cube.

    Approximate Time: 2 hours


    • 1.5 inch cube from craft shop
    • red, blue, orange, green, yellow, and no color for the back
    • small felt tip marker
    • strong magnet
    • E6000 glue or hot glue gun



    1. Paint 5 of the six sides with your paints.
    2. Once dry, draw a 9 patch line in the color, as the original cube started out and ended up with.
    3. Hot glue or E6000 glue the magnet to the back.
    4. For the complaint form, paint your choice of color. Let dry.
    5. Write "complaint form" on the bottom, and cut some paper to fill in the clip.
    6. Hot glue or E6000 a larger magnet to the back, as it has to clear the clip on the back.

    This will look good on the fridge, but can be a real conversation starter for the file cabinet at work, too.


    By Sandi from Yorktown, VA

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    Mouse Refrigerator Magnet

    Mouse Refrigerator MagnetRefrigerator magnet featuring mouse on piece of cheese.

    Approximate Time: About 20 minutes


    • piece of yellow or orange sponge (2x3x1 inch) for cheese
    • half a walnut shell for mouse body
    • scrap of brown felt for ears
    • rubber band for tail
    • tiny black bead for nose
    • two purchased eyes
    • magnet strip, about 1 inch square
    • scissors
    • glue gun


    1. Cut sponge into wedge about 2 inches at widest end and about 3 inches long by 1 inch deep.
    2. Glue eyes to pointed end of walnut shell.
    3. Cut scraps of felt for ears. To make ears stand up, pinch together at square end and glue. Glue ears onto shell just behind eyes.
    4. Cut rubber band in half. Glue mouse to cheese, attach rubber band tail.
    5. Glue black bead right at the tip of the nose.
    6. Glue a magnet strip along one side of cheese and stick to fridge. EEK!
    7. By preserver from Manitoba

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    Bumble Bee Magnet

    Bumble bee magnet.This cute bumble bee magnet is sure to be all the "buzz" hanging on your refrigerator.

    Approximate Time:


    • plastic spoons
    • plaster of Paris
    • round magnets
    • yellow and black paint
    • paint brush
    • yellow and black craft foam
    • googly eyes
    • glue
    • black pipe cleaner


    1. Set up the spoons so they lie flat and will hold the plaster when poured in to mold. I used rolled up newspaper taped to the bottom of a cardboard box, but you could also use a small book, play dough, etc. Use as many spoons as bees you would like to make.
    2. Mix the plaster of Paris according to the directions on the box. Pour the mix into each of the plastic spoons.
    3. Place a round magnet into each spoon of plaster and allow to dry. I let mine dry overnight.
    4. Remove mold from spoon and paint entire front yellow. Allow to dry, then add black stripes.
    5. Cut out wings from the yellow craft foam and glue to the sides of the bee. I used hot glue, but other glue may work as well.
    6. Cut out a head from the black craft foam and glue to the top of the bee.
    7. Glue on googly eyes and black pipe cleaner antennas. Allow all to dry.
    8. Proudly hang on your refrigerator for everyone to buzz about!

    By Jayme from Harrisonburg, VA

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    Ladybug Fridge Magnet

    MagentThese adorable ladybugs will bring you much joy when you put them on your refrigerator. Use simple supplies to craft these beautiful insects.

    Approximate Time:


    • plastic spoons
    • plaster of Paris
    • round magnets
    • black pipe cleaners
    • red and black paint
    • paint brush
    • glue


    1. Line up the plastic spoons in a box so that the spoon is balanced and flat. I used folded up newspaper taped to the box to create the level I needed, but you could also use a thin book, play dough, etc.
    2. Mix the plaster of paris by the directions on the box. Pour into each spoon.
    3. Place a round magnet into each plastered spoon and allow to dry. I let these dry overnight.
    4. Once they are dry, remove the plaster shape from the spoon.

    5. Paint the rounded side red and allow to dry.
    6. Add black ladybug markings such as a head, a line to represent wings, and spots. You can use paint, or a permanent marker if you wish to do it that way.
    7. Glue the black pipe cleaner to the magnet side of the shape, cutting to desired size. I used hot glue, but other glue may be used as well.
    8. Stick up on your fridge and enjoy!

    By Jayme from Harrisonburg, VA

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    Tip: Make Magnetic Fabric

    Fabric adhered to magnetic sheet and cut into shape of a star.I found this at Spenser's Alley, a wonderful craft "mini mall" here in Salem, OR where I live.

    You can get sheets of magnets, then peel off the back and adhere any fabric you like. This is older style mattress fabric they used for pillows and such called "ticking".

    Then, you simply trace around the shape you want and cut with a heavy duty scissors.

    This star is just one of hundreds of shapes you can make with cookie cutters, stencils, kid hand tracings, and things you see in craft and coloring books.

    The nice thing is, you don't need glue and the whole thing is a magnet, so it keeps things down flatter, like kids school papers, permission slips, etc.


    By Sandra from Salem, OR

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    Plastic Canvas Letter Magnets

    glue on eyes and noseFollowing the instructions in the booklet, I made the letters that spelled out each of my childrens' names. I glued googly eyes tiny pom pom noses onto each of them. Then I attached a magnet to the back of each one.

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    Tip: Craft: Foam Art Magnets

    My daughter made these little foam art magnets for her dad on Father's Day. You could use these for any season or occasion. She cut out shapes and put adhesive backed magnetic stripping on the back. Foam star with "Happy Father's Day" written on it Back of foam magnet showing adhesive magnet strip

    She also made a bookmark out of the foam and colored it with markers, put string with beads on it. They are adorable!

    Foam Book Mark that says "Happy Father's Day"

    After she made these items, she inserted them into a card she made out of construction paper and put a mint candy on the card. Sweet!

    Handmade Father's Day card made by child

    By Robyn Fed from Tri-Cities, TN

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    Craft: Decorative Gift Magnets

    Decorative Gift Magnets

    Decorative Gift Magnets

    I love making people little things and then giving them gift baskets. One of the things I make are magnets. Magnets can be made from all kinds of thing. The ones I am submitting are the small photos on the backs of calendars. I simply use Dollar Tree sealing tape, the 2 inch wide kind. I then cut a piece of cardboard the same size at the photo, and cover the photo with enough tape to wrap around the back, securing it to the cardboard. Then, using hot glue or tacky glue, I put a flat magnet on the back.

    Note: Flat magnets come in all shapes, but mostly they are strips. Stay away from the rolled kind, as they are hard to flatten out. I get the discs when I can, as they are stronger. You can often find both at the dollar trees', but if you get the strips, make sure to test them on the metal first. Some have a small groove down the middle of the magnet, and that either indicates the strong or the weak side. The ones I use are weaker on that side, so I just remember "when in doubt, the groove is out" and then I don't forget.

    During the seasons, DT's often have little "fimo style" plastic ornaments that are flat and make perfect pins or magnets. Other ideas for magnets are:

    • Fancy Buttons
    • Small Frames
    • Thimbles
    • Miniatures like dishes, pots and pans or mirrors from doll houses
    • Little critters like teddies and bunnies
    • Old costume jewelry
    • Legos or small toys
    • Dice or Game pieces
    • Mini salt and pepper sets
    The list is limited only by your imagination!

    You will need:

    • The magnets of your choice
    • Tacky glue or
    • E600 glue (recommended if the magnet is heavy or slick plastic)
    • Tape and scissors, (if it's paper and cardboard)
    Most of the things that are mentioned can also be used to make pins. Just make sure that the pin back is not only stuck to the item, but covered with glue, as well. Hot glue works fine with porous things, but stronger glue needs to be used for slick surfaces.

    Have Fun!!

    By Sandra from Salem, OR

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    Tip: Decoupaging Fridge Magnets

    Photo frame fridge magnets.I buy packages of metal fridge magnet frames at the euro shop and decoupage them. I cut out matching pictures from magazines to put into the frames to make them fancier. These make wonderful little gifts. I have also sold these at Xmas and Easter bazaars.

    By Lisa from Thessaloniki, Greece

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    Poinsettia Magnets

    Back and front views of magnet.Seasonal magnets made from paper and reminiscent of that favorite Christmas houseplant!

    Materials and Equipment:

    • a large plastic bag or several sheets of newspaper
    • a sheet of red construction or cardstock paper, standard size
    • a sheet of green construction or cardstock paper, standard size
    • a sheet of plain paper, standard size
    • three small yellow beads
    • one small magnet (I use rare earth magnets as they are very strong and hold items onto the fridge tightly)
    • scissors
    • craft glue
    • glue spreader or Q-tip
    • a lid from a used plastic container (such as a yogurt container)
    • a pencil
    • an eraser


    1. Before starting, clear the table and cover it with newspaper or a large garbage bag to avoid getting glue on the table.
    2. Using the photos as a guide, trace out a five-point star on a plain sheet of paper with a pencil. The star should be about four inches in diameter. Each point on the star should be curved in the shape of a leaf. Once you are happy with your design, cut it out. It will be used as a template to create your poinsettia.
    3. Place your template on the green construction or cardstock paper and trace its outline in pencil. Cut along the outline. Erase any pencils lines that are still visible and set this form aside.
    4. Repeat step three. You should now have two identical green stars.
    5. Repeat step three again with the red construction paper, only this time, once you have cut out the shape, cut around the perimeter again, making the star shape slightly smaller than the previous one. If your green stars are about four inches in diameter, this red one should be three inches in diameter.
    6. Repeat step three again with the red construction paper. Again, once you have cut out the shape, cut around the perimeter, making the star shape slightly smaller than the previous red one, about two inches in diameter.
    7. Take each one of your star forms and bend each point or leaf in half, then open each leaf again. They should now all have a slight bend and no longer look completely flat.
    8. Pour a small puddle of craft glue onto the plastic container lid. Spread a thin layer of glue onto the center of the back of one of the green stars. Place this green star on top of the other green star so that the leaves or points are staggered and not overlapping (see photo). The creased side of the stars should be facing upwards (see photo). Press the star with the glue on the back on top of the other green star. Hold until stuck.
    9. Spread glue on the back of the larger red star and press onto the front of the uppermost green star. The red star should be oriented so that its points fall between those of the green star and don't overlap.
    10. Spread glue on the back of the smaller red star and press it onto the front of the larger red star. The red star should be oriented so that its points fall between those of the other red star and don't overlap.
    11. You should now have four staggered stars (two green and two red) glued on top of each other. Next, glue your three yellow beads onto the center of the uppermost star to act as stamens for your poinsettia.
    12. Spread glue on the back of the magnet and press it onto the back of your poinsettia. Allow to dry completely.
    13. Make a few more magnets and decorate you fridge with these cheerful Christmas flowers.
    14. By Christine Weber

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    Tip: Caterpillar Magnets

    A quick and easy craft, great for school stalls:

    You will need:

    • eucalyptus leaves
    • 'fridge magnets (many businesses give them away, but you can, if really stumped, actually buy them)
    • tiny, sparkly craft pom-poms
    • top quality contact adhesive
    • craft eyes


    1. Glue a strip of magnet on to the leaf first. Let it dry.
    2. On the other side, glue a crooked, but touching, line of alternating colour pompoms (you can see why they have to be little!).
    3. On the end one, place two of the wiggly eyes.
    4. If you are really clever, you may work out a way to get an indentation mark on the leaf, as though your new caterpillar has been eating!

    By Leonie from Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

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    Tip: Photo Refrigerator Magnets - New Use for Advertising Magnets

    I was doing a good cleaning on my refrigerator door and noticed most of my fridge magnets were advertisements. So, I went to my folder where I store pretty pictures, got out my glue stick, cut down a picture to slightly larger then magnet, and glued on a picture.

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    Tip: Making Decorative Magnets

    You can buy a package of self-adhesive magnets at an office supply store. They are usually used for business cards. You can use these to make your own fun magnets.

    Find pretty little pictures, plaques, sayings, etc. in magazines and catalogs, carefully cut them out, cut the magnet to size, and stick your picture onto the magnet. Very simple!

    I recently found a set of 6 plaques in a catalog, made a little set of magnets from them, and used them to decorate the front of a cabinet. It looks like they are painted on, very chic.

    Also these make nice little gifts to tuck into a letter to a friend, to cheer someone up or make them laugh.

    By Jayne

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    Tip: Clothes Pin Refrigerator Magnets

    If you need more frig magnets to hang the kids' pictures and stuff, here is a cheap and easy way to make them. Buy a cheap bag of the wooden clip style clothes pins and magnet strips you buy at the craft store. Have the kids use markers and color them.

    All you do it glue the magnet to one side, you can also glue something to the front, let dry and you have homemade magnets to use for everything you hang on the frig. And the kids have a blast!

    By Kay

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    Cute Bunny Magnet

    Bunny magnet with pink pom pom nose.My daughter created this cute little bunny magnet in no time. It would also be cute to wear as a pin. Simply glue a pin back to the back of the bunny's head instead of the magnetic strip.

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    Tip: Reuse Old Broaches as Refrigerator Magnets

    I find old unused broaches, take the back clip off and add a magnet to the back. I use them on the refrigerator to hold notes and stuff.

    Source: Read about it in Real Simple magazine.

    By Gracie from Astor, FL

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    Happy Flower Face Magnets

    Flower face magnets.These joyfully smiling flower faced magnets are adorable in the kitchen, not to mention easy and fun for kids to create.

    Approximate Time 10 minutes without drying time


    • 1 and 1/2 inch blue foam circle
    • 1/2 inch pink foam circle
    • 1/4 inch big pair of googly eyes
    • 9-12 inch orange chenille stem
    • 9-12 inch violet chenille stem
    • small fridge magnet
    • child-safe glue


    These instructions are for one magnet and one child. Multiply supplies according to children participating.  Parts.
    1. Have child glue two googly eyes on the large blue circle.
    2. Cut the pink circle in half, and glue one part below the eyes to create a mouth.
    3. Let dry before continuing, or the child may become frustrated by the eyes and mouth sliding all over the blue face.
    4. While the face is drying, have child cut 3 pieces from orange chenille stem, each three inches long. Repeat with violet stem. If child is young, have an adult do the cutting.
    5. Have child loop each piece around, twisting the very bottom together. This creates the petals.
    6. Now let child glue the petals to the back of the blue circle, spreading them evenly and interchanging the colors.
    7. Glue the magnet where all the stems meet at the back of the circle. Let dry.
    8. Let child place the magnet on the fridge and enjoy their cute artwork!

    By Aysha from Boise, ID

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    Tip: Juice Can Lid Christmas Magnets

    Juice Can Lid Christmas MagnetsCute, quick and frugal gifts or decorations! The magnets are used canning jar lids and smaller ones are from frozen OJ concentrate can ends. Base coat white or brown and paint faces.

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    Tip: Create Your Own Magnets

    Have you ever bought a pretty and decorative magnet at a store? The prices on these can be pretty outrageous. I keep a package of 10 or 12 ct. regular round magnets, that I purchased at a craft store, inexpensively, on hand, at all times. Whenever you come across something that catches your eye, glue it to a magnet (or 2) and embellish as you choose. These you can keep for yourself, or give as gifts. No one will ever know you didn't pay lots of hard earned money for it.

    By Terri H. from NV

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    Tip: Making Photo Magnets

    Ever end up with too many business magnets (such as pizza) for the fridge? These are often paper-glued on top of a really nice magnetic sheet, and the perfect size for your own "make your own" magnet! Simply peel back between the sheet and the magnet. Usually there's enough adhesive left that you don't even need glue. Something I did once was measure/cut a photo first, then peeled off the business card, and stuck the photo to the magnet. It looked really nice, and was a pleasurable display on our fridge.

    By Jen from Rock Hill, SC

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    Tip: Scrabble Tile Alphabet Magnets

    tile magnets from scrabble pieces.For the kid in all of us. Pick up a used Scrabble game at the thrift store and create a set of alphabet magnets to grace a fridge door!

    By Christine Weber

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    Tip: Making Your Own Magnets

    Make your own magnets with cute sayings or whatever, then laminate them in small laminating machine. It was rather cheap at a craft store on sale. Then use old magnetic business card magnets that we all get. Trace the magnet on the back of your laminated piece and put contact cement on the printed side of magnet and then on the laminated side and stick it together.

    Makes a nice gift and looks professional.

    By Syd

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    Here are questions related to Homemade Refrigerator Magnets.

    Question: Sealing Home-printed Photo Magnets

    I got the cutest magnets for Mother's Day! They are photos of my grandsons that my daughter turned into magnets using her printer and magnetic paper. However, I'm not about to put them on the fridge in the kitchen, because I'm afraid they'll be ruined if they get wet or grimy, if something gets splattered on them, etc.

    These magnets are just paper with the photo printed in printer ink. I have barely touched them since I got them, but the edges are already fraying a bit just from touching them to move them!

    I'm trying to figure out how to seal them so they are protected. I've thought about spray sealer for crafts, but am afraid it might make the ink run. I've also thought about laminate or clear shelf paper to seal it, but don't know if that would work well either.

    Anybody have any experience on the best way to preserve these? Thanks!

    By lyonpridej from Tulsa, OK

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    Most Recent Answer

    By terrijeanjacobo 4 13 06/25/2012

    My friend always prints pics on regular paper then just laminates them. They always turn out great too! I think you should try this as a liquid may ruin it. Good luck

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    Question: Personalizing Gift Magnets

    I'm making magnets to hold a child's drawings, homework, etc. I would like to personalize each one with their name with a whimsical form of writing. Any ideas, tips, etc.?

    By Karen

    AnswerWas this interesting? Yes No

    Most Recent Answer

    By Harlean from Arkansas 139 417 12/07/2011

    I personalize craft items at craft shows using either a Sharpie pen or an acrylic paint pen. I have trouble writing in a straight line and making my letters a uniform size, so I use a whimsical method by tipping the letters and putting one letter up and the next one down. When I finish writing, I put dots on each letter.
    Harlean from Arkansas

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    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

    Archive: Recycling Magnets for Photos

    My daughter recycles my refrigerator magnets! She takes one of my magnets I've picked up from a local business and uses a gluestick to attach family pictures, etc.! She uses magnets that are from stores that have closed, magnets from businesses we used to frequent before we moved, and magnets with school calendars from previous school years. It's a great way to recycle and I have beautiful pictures of family members and furkids to look at instead of businesses I no longer use!

    By GrammySheila from Titusville, Florida

    Archive: Recycling Magnets for Photos

    All those business card and advertising magnets you get from realtors, pizza restaurants, etc, don't throw them away; just glue your precious photos or artwork on them and make cute fridge magnets. Great way to recycle, I just received an American Express credit card magnet today and a pizza restaurant last week. Saves me $ and helps the Earth!

    By Tracey from Thomasville, GA


    RE: Recycling Magnets for Photos

    I use the business magnets for the backing of kids stickers to make refrigerator magnets out of them. After pasting them on the magnet and cutting them out, I seal them with modge podge. I also use the animal pics from my vet catalogs. We're great animal lovers. (01/31/2008)

    By javajano

    RE: Recycling Magnets for Photos

    Great recycling tip. Love it.

    By Christine IN