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Water Build Up in Dryer


I have water accumulating in my clothes dryer. Has anyone had this problem before? I cannot imagine where this water is coming from. I have to dry my dryer before each use. Thank you for any help. God Bless.

Betty R. Bazzle



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07/27/2005 Flag

I have the same problem. The water comes in my dryer vent that goes from the dryer to the outside through the brick wall. When it rains really hard, like it did here this week, it comes in. I don't know why, because the vent is up off the ground. You could take a look at yours to see if this might be what is happening. I hope you can solve it. You could keep a large towel in there to absorb it and hang dry it during the day.

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By Kathy-Missouri (Guest Post) 07/27/2005 Flag

You may have condensation building up in it. Make sure it is properly ventilated.

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By kattankerous 39 07/28/2005 Flag

Here is an idea i just learned a few weeks ago : clean your lint screen with hot soapy water and dry , replace. Fabric softeners build up on the screen and its hard for the moist air to go thru. To see if this is the problem, take your lint screen to the sink . Run water over it and see if it puddles or runs right thru. Just regular room temp. water. If it puddles, wash it with dishsoap and hot water. Try running water over it again and see . It may need another washing.
Let me know if this helped you.
I know it did me. It was something i had never thought about... til my clothes wouldn't dry.


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By Jill 2 52 07/30/2005 Flag

My dryer vent outside has a cover to prevent rain entering. They are sold at the home stores and easy to install. I agree to wash the screen, mine works much better sense I did this too.

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By (Guest Post) 09/16/2005 Flag

My sister had moisture and a horrible mildew smell coming from her dryer. Her dryer hose went a long length in the wall before exiting. It had lint build-up that was almost blocking it, and when she ran it, the moisture from the wet clothes accumulated in the hose, and also backed up in the dryer. Although her dryer ran hot, her clothes didn't seem to dry well. When she checked the outside vent, air escaped, since it wasn't totally blocked. Took her quite a while to figure out the problem.

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