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Cleaning Dog Beds - My Dog Beds Smell Bad

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I have 2 large dog beds that smell badly. Any ideas on ways to clean them? I have sprayed Odor Ban and other pet products that destroy odor however they need a good hard cleaning but are too large to fit into a washing machine.

CRHarris84 from TN



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By Scooter04/01/2009

If your dog's ears stink, he may have yeast in his ears or an ear infection. If you see black stuff, it's also ear mites. Dogs with floppy ears are especially susceptible to ear infections. I add 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a pint of water. Take an eye dropper and drop about 6 drops of this liquid in each ear canal. Message the area at the base of the ear canal well to distribute the liquid throughout the ear. Do this about once a week, and it should help. If your dog also has ear mites, get some mite medicine for dogs (found in dog section of super market, pet store, etc.) use as prescribed on the bottle. Treat the ear for the infection and ear mites on different days, and let your dog's ear dry out in between times.

By Norma [1]03/28/2009

I have a large smelly lab. He loves to be wet and dirty. Each time I bathe him I clean his dog house. I dont put bedding in the dog house, just a cushion that I can spray off with the hose and air dry. I bought him a crib mattress to lay on in the house. I made a cover for it from a mattress pad. I bleach this every so often and spray the crib mattress. It has helped tremendously. Most of his funk was coming from the doghouse not being cleaned out.

By Barbara03/27/2009

BD - If your dog's ears smell, there is something wrong with him or her. Take the dog to the vet immediately!

By Janelle E. (Guest Post)12/26/2008

Hey there! There is a great how-to at this link:

By Ray05/15/2007

Because your dog continues to use the area, and because the odor is really just is body oil odor, a permanent solution is not in the offing, however, there is a product called odorxit magic that can be sprayed on bedding the will absorb the odor for weeks not hours. its cheap and really effective.

By BD (Guest Post)06/26/2006

I have a dog and his ears have been stinking. Do you have any suggestion on how to get them from not stinking?

By Amy06/07/2006

I'm guessing you can't take the covers off. If you can get the bedding wet, I swear by soaking in an even mix of detergent & vinegar. I've done it overnight (use the bathtub, kid pool, etc...), and then do a regular wash with half the amount of det/vin. I only use cold water.

By Grandma Margie (Guest Post)06/06/2006

I have a solution that worked for me.......but it is tedious and time consuming. I put some Tide and Biz into my bathtub (maybe 1/4 cup of can always add more later) and filled my bath tub about 1/3 full of all hot water. I put the item to be washed into the water and poked at it until it was submerged. When the water eventually cooled down to lukewarm the fun began! I kicked off my shoes and rolled up my pants and stepped into the tub! I stepped and squished and squashed until I was worn out, let it set for awhile, then did it again! I opened the tub drain and let all the dirty water drain out, then put cold water in the tub, repeated the procedure, then did it again, then again! It will take quite a few rinses, which is why I caution about going overboard with the detergent at the beginning! When you have finally rinsed enough to your satisfaction, leave the item in your tub (with the drain open)and it will continuue to drain. When it is no longer dripping roll it into something (a large garbage bag?) so you can get it outdoors without leaving a trail of water messing up the rest of the house! Drape it over a deck rail, a fence, your husband's sawhorse......something.....and let it air dry. It would definitely be easier to go to a laundromat and use one of the large, front-loading machines but in my area they don't allow you to wash funky, dirty things like dog beds in their machines. Only normal "people" clothes and bedding are permitted. Good Luck!

By Jill [4]06/04/2006

Try the front-loading washing machines at the laundromat. They're large to begin with and without that center agitator, you'd be amazed what fits in there!

Other than that; if you have a paved driveway....clean the driveway and lay the bed out there, and hose it untill it is very wet. Next, dilute laundry soap in a bucket of warm water and pour all over the bed. With bare feet, stomp all over it to agitate and get the soap all through it. (I would also suggest adding borax to the soap solution--it is wonderful for eliminating odors.)

You might let the soap set a little while (but not so long it begins to dry) and then roll the bed to wring out excess. Hose the bed again, stomping on it to help get the soap out, and keep rinsing (and stomping) until you get no more bubbles. Roll the bed up to wring it again, then allow to dry.

It will dry more quickly if you can lay it on an incline, with some air circulation to both sides--like a propped dog gate or the foot end of a lounge chair.

I suggest only doing this during a dry spell, as it may take the bed a day or two to dry. A dark driveway can speed the process.

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