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Church Float Ideas for Summer Parades


I have several theme ideas to make a church summer float but I need ideas of what to use or how to decorate it. Here are some of my ideas:

  • 1. Fall for Jesus
  • 2. Surfing through the scriptures
  • 3. God supplies our needs
  • 4. Blessings from God
  • 5. Shining for Jesus
  • 6. Everyone is Family

Any ideas for any of the themes will be very appreciated. There will be children and adults on the float.

By pepsi from IN


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Archive: Church Float Ideas for Summer Parades

We will soon be having meetings for a church float for 3 summer parades. We use the same float. We are a small church so need an inexpensive theme, with ideas. All ideas will be appreciated.

Judy from IN


RE: Church Float Ideas for Summer Parades

Maybe something about a "rainbow and a promise" or "coming home"? Perhaps choose a hymn that has nice "visuals" like "All Things Bright and Beautiful". If someone is handy with papier mache, chicken wire, and paint, maybe something with a big "rock" ("Rock of Ages") or even put fake graffiti on the "rock" with stuff from the children's song "Jesus is the rock of my salvation, His banner over me is love". Maybe mache over a large ball, and go with the theme "He's got the whole world in His hands". (You could put congregants of all different ages, etc., maybe in ethnic clothes on the float.)

If it is more the youth of the church, maybe something like "Chillin' with God" and have the teens demonstrating how they have fun while still maintaining wholesome ideals.

Maybe little vignettes showing ways your church serves the community (charity works, etc.)

If you have a choir, maybe have them on the float singing: "Shepherd and Sheep" or "Fishing for People".

Hope you find something fun; 3 parades sounds like a blast.


By Jilson

RE: Church Float Ideas for Summer Parades

How about "Fishers of Men". You could use the back of someone's pickup, make it look like a boat and have people onboard with fishing rods. You could also throw out small packs of Swedish fish with your church's information, such as name, location, phone, and times of worship. (02/14/2009)

By irishmomto2cuties

Archive: Church Float Ideas for Summer Parades

I would like to have themes and decorating ideas for a church float for summer parades. We have already done, Whole World in His Hands, Noah's ark rainbow, and Fishers of Men. We need some new ideas theme and what to put on it. All ideas will be appreciated.

By Judy


RE: Church Float Ideas for Summer Parades

Thinking maybe "God's Beauty surrounds us" and do a nature theme. Cover the float with tissue paper flowers in a multitude of colors. Make some trees and glue on tissue paper leave. Make big colorful butterflies and bees and birds and maybe some cut outs of squirrels and chipmunks or cats and dogs. Think of things you see around your own community. Good luck. (05/23/2010)

By Amy3e

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