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Washer Rinse Cycle Not Working

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The rinse cycle on my washing machine does not work. Water trickles in, and it takes a long time to fill. The cold water cycle on my washing machine does not work as well. What caused this sudden problem, and what can I do to fix it?




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By GraNita (Guest Post)08/21/2008

Something may be clogging the hose. This happened to me one time, many years ago, and it was caused by a mouse.

By bobdog (Guest Post)08/20/2008

The screens on your water hoses are clogged. Rinse them in vinegar or purchase new.


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Question: Washing Machine Shuts Off at the Rinse Cycle

My washing machine shuts of at the rinse cycle and it doesn't rinse.

By Jose from CA

Most Recent Answer

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]07/08/2013

I don't have a clue as to how old your washing machine is. Either look in your telephone book under appliance repair shops or go to the website:

Even if someone looked at the washer and gave you an estimate, it would probably be in your best interest to buy a brand new washer.

Question: Washing Machine Will Not Start Rinse Cycle

My washing machine will not advance to the rinse cycle after draining.

By Mark C.

Most Recent Answer

By hopeful [26]06/01/2011

When that happened to me I started it all over and it worked. Sort of like re-booting.

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