Removing Tire Marks from Car's Fender


My husband got hit on the interstate by a piece of tire in the road. It left tire marks on the hood and fender of my car. How do I get it off without ruining the finish of the car?

By Linda from Norfolk, VA


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By Deanj 917 03/03/2011

Todays cars have a clear urethane coating over the paint to make the finish more durable. It the tire did not abrade the clear finish you may be able to fix it your self. First I would wash the area to see if that removes any of the tire marks. If not I would purchase a can of ahesive cleaner or tar remover at the auto parts store and rub that on the tire marks. The cleaner will not harm the finish. If the tire marks are still there thenthe area should be compounded. You can so that your self or a auto detailer can do the job. Every car dealer has a detailer working in there clean up shop. Or you can find one in the yellow pages.

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By Barbara 5 29 03/04/2011

Have you tried regular cooking oil. Take a soft cloth & pour a little cooking oil on it & apply to tire mark. This will not harm the paint of your car. It worked for me. Then wash spot where tire mark was with a little water & Dawn. Hope this works for you, good luck!

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By Beth 25 1,120 03/05/2011

Sold for campers is something called Black Streak Remover. I think you can even get it at Wal-Mart near their automotive department where they sell camper related products. I used in on my white car when something got streaked along the side. I think it was a bicycle handle. Whatever it was, it never washed off but this stuff took it off without ruining the finish.

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By Jackie 32 04/05/2011

WD-40 will remove tire and tar marks from paint, just spray it on and wipe it off. I have been a mechanic for 34 years and have used that on near everything. God bless you.

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By Mark J L. 1 07/03/2012

Here's an easy and cheap way I removed my problem. I used a paper towel and rubbing alcohol, and it came right off!

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By elyn 1 11/19/2014

I tried the WD40...didn't to a thing. Alcohol worked great. Dry paper towel and rubbing alcohol. Yes, I did have to rub... thus the name rubbing alcohol. Thanks for the great tip. Elyn

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By Gina H. 1 04/11/2015

I didn't have any WD40 on hand so I tried using vegetable oil and a paper towel and it worked. Thank you to those who posted in this thread.

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By keithb 1 07/02/2015

I read the answers on this site and others. I had a vehicle drop a tire which rolled into the side of my 2 month old car and leave black scuffs on the door, fender, and wheel. I applied rubbing alcohol to an old t shirt and wiped the rubber spots which came off immediately. I reapplied a spray wax and buffed it out. Thanks-great tip.

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Archive: Removing Tire Marks from Car's Fender

My white car has been "kissed" by the very big tires of a 350 pickup. Needless to say the back fender is now coated with rubber from those tires. These tires actually rubbed off the paint down to primer on spots and completely off in other areas.

I am not sure if the fender is fiberglass or metal. Any ideas how to remove the black tire marks from the fender so I can repaint? Thanks all.

By anbsmommy from Tacoma, WA

RE: Removing Tire Marks from Car's Fender

Go to Autozone and buy some bug and tar remover spray and wax on, wax off :) Good luck. (04/07/2010)

By kffrmw88

RE: Removing Tire Marks from Car's Fender

Use paint thinner. My "was-band" (my ex, hahaha) used to run a car business that did minor repairs. This is what he used on it. (04/08/2010)

By Laniegirl

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