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Does anyone know how to refresh dried potpourri?

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Does anyone know how to refresh dried potpourri? I had a vase given to me with some in it from a friend of mine, but there is no smell left in it. Was wondering if maybe adding some water with scented oil would work and drying in oven? Or is there some other way to freshen this and bring scent back into it? Thanks for your help!

jmz2005 from Illinois



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By kelly (Guest Post)11/20/2006

I make my own pouporri, and I freshen it up by adding essential oils. You can even find them at Walmart. The best way to do this is add the oil to your mix and store in a wax lined bag for a week. Be sure not to use plastic bag, the oil and plastic do not agree. Good Luck

By Debra in Colorado (Guest Post)11/20/2006

Go to your local Walmart and buy some liquid Poppurri and add it to your dried poppurri and it will freshen it right up. A small bottle should last you quite a few times of refreshing depending on how much you use.

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