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Slogan for an Upscale House Cleaning Business

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I need a catchy slogan for my house cleaning business. It needs to be something referring to upscale homes, as this will be the home that I will be working for. Do you have any ideas for a catchy slogan or for a logo as well? Thank you for your time and suggestions.



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By Sandy Gerber [22]05/21/2010

Your Beautiful Home Cleaning Service
Castle Cleaners
Castle Cleaning
Four Star Cleaning
Touch of Gold Cleaning

By Pete [2]05/19/2010

Classy Cleansing Service
Majestic Household Care
Majestic Domestic Services
are just a few ideas off the top of my head...
Whatever you choose make sure to do a Google search making sure the name isn't already used.
Not sure about in the US or other countries but here in Canada if we have a small business venture and use our name as the company name we don't have to register for a business #, etc... and earning of less than $30,000 a year don't have to collect taxes either.

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