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Stay Home for the Holidays to Save Money

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<img src=" class="photo imageborder dropshadow left" onError="imgerr(this);" />We opt'd to do a video travel this year. We will be spending time with local family that will travel to see our distant family and we will make and send the video. The traveling family will do the same once they arrive. Instead of giving the traveling family a present, we are helping with airfare and travel expenses. Our family grew this past year and its nearly impossible to travel with two children 1 and 3 and two 13 and 11. This way we can spend more on our new home and stay safe, warm and hassle free and still be in touch with our out of state family. By Anita from Temecula, CA



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By susan winship [4]11/18/2008

This is so original and such a good idea.

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