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Itchy Scalp After Coloring


I have never had an issue with itchy scalp until I had my hair colored at a different shop other than my normal gal. I don't have dandruff, never did, and I'm shampooing with the same stuff I've used for years.

24 hours after my color, the itching was so bad that I washed and conditioned at 2am! I now have sores from scratching and it keeps me up all night. It seems that the itch is mostly on the back of my head where I think she left the color on much longer than usual. If this was an allergic reaction, wouldn't it be gone after three weeks? Or maybe the dye "burned" my scalp? Either way, has anyone gone through this before? I am going crazy!


By Julie R.


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By LadyMichelle [8] 02/21/2012

Unfortunately, we can have allergic reactions to things we have used for years!
That's what it sounds like happened, your scalp was irritated, and that residue that hangs on, kept making it worse. It can even make your eyes swell!

Did you go to get it done with a "dirty" scalp? The natural oils protects the scalp from the chemicals.

I've recently given up on coloring my hair. Figuring, the chemicals going down the drain cant be that good for me or the environment!

Make sure you do tell the next person that colors your hair, that you had this reaction! They may have an alternative or solution to make it more mild!

Good Luck. Hearts & hugs!

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By Cajun [59] 02/22/2012

Rinsing with a 3:1 solution of water [3 parts] & vinegar [1] will help with the itching but may affect the hair coloring.... you'll have to decide..
Vinegar is probably one of the absolute best hair conditioners for your hair and scalp. Vinegar is antiseptic and antibiotic. Let it set for about 1 minute, then rinse with plain water. The vinegar smell will only last about 15-20 minutes but your hair will be fantastic ... soft & squeaky clean and you should not have any itching of the scalp.

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By Cathy [1] 02/23/2012

I had this exact same problem when I had to find a new hairdresser. When she mixed the color for my hair she put in an accellerant to speed up the waiting time for the color to take. I had itching so terrible (within a few hours) that I had sores on my head. I called her to ask about it and she said that I was most likely having a reaction to the color accellerator. She said that she would no longer use it, but it would take longer for the color. I didn't care because I never wanted that to happen to me again, it was awful.

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By Louise B. [6] 02/23/2012

If you have open sores on your head from scratching, I don't think that you should be rinsing with vinegar. It may be nice for the hair, (I wouldn't use it! But it may be fine.) , but it can not be a good thing to put vinegar on an open sore.

You definitely have had a reaction to the hair dye or other product. You should likely see a doctor, or at the very least, call the hair stylist and find out what products she used on your hair. Then perhaps you could contact the company for advice, or perhaps your stylist will know what to do.

And I would not be coloring your hair for a good long time. You may end up being super sensitive to any and all products after this.

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By Kat [7] 02/23/2012

You definitely should see a doctor or dermatologist. Do you know if the same brand was used at the new salon? Was it the same shade? If not it could have caused the reaction. Also if it was the exact same thing you usually get, you could have developed an allergy to it. Or, the person rinsing may not have rinsed it all out, even though it may have appeared so. Because you had it so bad at the neck area, that seems the most likely problem, not rinsed well enough.

An allergic reaction would have completely gone in about a week especially since you shampooed it again, but a secondary infection from all the scratching, which you may have even done in your sleep, could still be causing the itching and irritation. It is also possible that some unfamiliar styling aid used right after the colors caused the reaction, since the scalp is more sensitive right after any chemical service. Good luck, and see a doctor for treatment.

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