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Reusing Old Silverware

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Ideas for reusing silverware once it is past it's prime. Post your ideas.


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By Cynthia M. (Guest Post)01/25/2009

They could also be bent into one of those thingies to hold back curtains.

By c. nelson [5]06/14/2006

We live in the country and my kids use old spoons to dig in the sandbox.
Also, I saw a mobile made out of silverware.

By The Velcro Fairy (Guest Post)07/01/2005

Ive seen some fantastic looking coat hooks made out of things like old forks, bent into spirals and screwed to the wall or bit of wood. They were selling for a pretty nifty price too!

By Mary (Guest Post)06/16/2005

I have seen the cutest windchimes and mobiles for the garden made out of old silverware. Spoon rings are fun. In my hippie days a friend had a hammered fork bracelet that I envied. Also, a fun thing to look for at secondhand stores is old, mismatched utensils of sterling silver. Set a holiday or dinner party table with the polished finds for a great, funky look.

By CRMom (Guest Post)06/16/2005

Bend the silverware to make a napkin ring. This is always a topic of conversation when they are used. I took some of my Grandmother's unmatched pieces and did this. It is special when we use them. My boys always say that part of Grandma is here with us.

By Marion from Ontario (Guest Post)06/16/2005

I have seen on ebay, forks or spoons turned into napkin rings. The tines or spoon parts have been cut off and the end filed and cleaned up then somehow turned into a circle. If someone is handy, they look quite smart.

By Jo Bodey [1]06/16/2005

Use a vice to bend the handles into a C shape leaving the ends straight, drill holes with a fine drill bit into the straight ends and attach to a drawer front for interesting fun kitchen drawer pulls.



By Tedebear (Guest Post)06/16/2005

Hi, Old forks are easy to turn in to elegant place card holders on your table. Bend the outer tines backward and the center tines forward. Place a name card on the center two tines. This is always a conversation piece!

By Jennie [1]06/16/2005

I have seen several things using old silverware. Jewely comes to mind, but also they are great for craft projects. I use a fork and spoon for building pottery vases. The fork for scoring between joints, and the spoon for smoothing out rough spots.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]06/16/2005

An old fork makes a great weed-puller, and costs next to nothing.

By Linda

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