Yorkie Smells Really Bad


I have a Yorkie dog that emits a terrible odor even after bathing her. Please tell me what I can get for her?

Wendy from Dozier, Alabama



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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 02/13/2009

Probably her anal glands are not functioning, you can have them "squeezed" at the vets...anyway you need to go to the vet to see about if that is the cause anyway...

good luck!


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By Dee (Guest Post) 02/13/2009

It could be her/his anal glands but if the smell is coming from all over the body, it could be what you're giving to eat. I don't recommend changing the diet because that can bring a whole new set of problems. However, check the pet store to see if they have something similar to chlorophyl. Or something similar. Check with the vet first.

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By CaroleeRose 58 118 02/13/2009

How old is the dog and have you ever had it's teeth cleaned? Anal glands have been known to be a stinking problem as well.

Have you changed the dog's diet in any way? Do you have visitors that slip him food?

Do you have cats? Is your dog eating the poop like tasty little snacks?

Are you using a dog shampoo? Have you changed detergent to wash clothes recently, some dogs are super sensitive.

Be very attentive to what your dog does, keep a good eye on him and see what he gets himself into.

Take him to a groomer and have him shaved down, the fur grows back pretty fast. Check his body for infection, wounds from another animal.

When all else fails have your vet test your dog for allergies.

Good luck,
- CaroleeRose

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By shirley dobie 11 61 02/13/2009

It could be her teeth. My friend had a Maltese with that problem , it was dental.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 02/14/2009

Take her to a vet to rule out a medical reason for the odor.

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By Janet 11 717 02/15/2009

My old dog - a Westhighland Terrier - had a terrible smell that reminded me of rancid butter. It turned out to be a liver problem. I hope this isn't your dog's problem.
I did find that the dog was better eating a no corn diet (I gave him Kibbles & Bits). Corn is in most dog dry dog foods.
Good luck to you & your dog.

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By bonnie 10 36 02/23/2009

I have a shih tzu, that has bad breath, asked the vet he said it is in the breed sugests mixing parsley in her food.

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By DEBY 18 145 01/05/2011

This with any dog could be stomach problems causing both mouth and body odor, and or mouth. Bad gums or teeth.

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By DEBY 18 145 01/05/2011

Mulberry204, yorkies have a heriditary problem with the liver which can be very very serious as I am going through with my little boy. Watch for lack of appetite , constipation and seizures and have a scan to see if him/her has a liver shunt which means food does not process correctly and goes through bloodstream instead. That is what we are testing for now. All Yorkie owners should heed this warning and getting pet insurance to cover medical would be very wise.

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