Washing Greasy Men's Work Clothes


I was reading a few days ago about when you are trying to wash greasy mens work clothes, someone said to put a cup of something. It was something real simple that we already have a the house and I knew that I would remember so I didn't write it down, but, guess what? I forgot it. I remember saying "oh! of course, that is so simple, of course it would work". Could the person that wrote it down please put that information back on the site? Thank you!

Jamish from Ransom, Kansas



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By joan pecsek 88 545 11/23/2007

Ammonia is a great grease cutter.

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By mcw 80 1,754 11/23/2007


Scroll down the page there are several suggestions on how to clean greasy men's work clothes.

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By EGRIBBLE 3 50 11/23/2007

I was told years ago to add a cup of salt to the wash. I used to do that with my husbands work clothes and it even helped with the smell. Haven't thought about this for a while.

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By Summer (Guest Post) 11/23/2007

I'm pretty sure baking soda is supposed to work. Just add a cup and you're good to go. However, haven't had the opportunity to give it a try, yet so I can't tell you how credible the idea is.

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By cj 4 83 11/24/2007

Soda pop works well.
Dawn dishwashing soap does too.
Ammonia works too

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By joan (Guest Post) 11/27/2007

Blue Liquid Wisk will remove almost anything. Grease, lipstick, grass stains. Put a little right onto the stain, rub it in, toss into washing machine. It also made a "gray" white nylon shirt sparkling white again.

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By Nancy S. 11/27/2007

I second the ammonia. Just make sure NEVER to combine bleach and ammonia in the same load. It creates a toxic gas.

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By bonzai. (Guest Post) 11/27/2007

The best thing I ever found to take out grease (or gum!) is Lestoil. You want to pour some on the spots or gum and let it sit awhile. It smells terrible, so you have to wash the clothes twice, once to get out the grease and another time to make it smell better, but it really works well. More recently I have found that OxiClean (the spray on prewash) works on just about anything. It's amazing. I must confess that I haven't had to remove any grease lately though.

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By glinda (Guest Post) 11/28/2007

My husband delivers gas, and I get the grease and everything else with it, which is a hard case to wash. But, I use Era, (I put 2 caps per load, with hot water). And if the clothes are really bad, I add a cup of white Amonia. I keep a spray bottle on the side of 1/2 era, and 1/2 amonia for spots, (I also use a scrub brush on bad spots)...and it works great, even for my foot ball playing son.

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By Susie form Buckhead, GA (Guest Post) 11/28/2007

I use "Fabuloso" Lavendar Cleanser. I add this to my towels and our sons work clothes, He is an auto technition. He gets very greasey. All our laundry comes out smelling sooo good. I add about a 1/4 cup with my laundry detergent.

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By Juanita 6 58 11/29/2007

My husband delivered crude oil for years & years. He'd have to go to the site, load the product from the well, & then deliver it where ever. I used automatic dishwasher soap to get the crude oil out. Just fill your washer about halfway with hot water, add the dishwasher soap granules, swish the water around a little, add the clothes, finish filling with warm water, allow to wash for a few minutes, then turn the machine off & allow to soak for 30 minutes to an hour, turn the machine back on & allow to finish washing. I always used an extra rinse. I found that the generic or cheaper brands of dishwasher soap worked best. Read the package label & find the cheapest with the highest phosphorus content. I used about a cup for a large, heavily soiled load--sometimes more--& I added half the amount of wash detergent. Sometimes, due to the gravity (thickness) of the crude, I might have had to wash them twice--but not often. I have no idea if the gels or liquid forms of dishwasher detergent will work as well as the powder or granules.

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Question: Washing and Drying Oily Work Clothes

My husband recently started working in the oil field. How do I wash and dry these work clothes without ruining my machines?

By Diann from AR

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By Frugal Sunnie [11] 03/10/2012

My ex-husband was working as a helicopter mechanic in the oil patch back in the late seventies when I met him. He would go offshore and be on the rigs for two weeks at a time, so the grime he brought back was pure oil patch grime. He used Tide detergent and the hottest water the laundromat supplied.

That worked OK, but after we married I discovered adding a cup of Pine-Sol really made a difference.

I even had good results with the generic pine cleaner-it cut the oil and grease right out of his clothing, and took the odor away with the grime. He continued his aviation work (although he left the oil fields in the early 80s), and I used liquid pine cleaner as a laundry additive right up to the day we split up.

I've always believed the pine cleaner is what kept my machines running smoothly in spite of the laundry stress I was putting on them.

In over 18 years of marriage we only needed two washers-we bought a used machine (White Westinghouse) in '81 and replaced it with a new one (GE) in '86. That GE was still washing strong when we divorced in 1999-he took it and I bought a new one (Roper).

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