Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

I had my puppy get her 1st shots and she got parvo days after. She made it through it, do I need to get her the remaining parvo shots? Can she get it twice?

By Amanda from OK

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You should take these questions to your veterinarian. He'sthe one who will know what's best.

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My young dog got parvo and thankfully survived. I will not use the vaccine ever since the dog has immunity to the disease. We are vaccinating ourselves, children and animals into mental problems, sickness, cancers, and who knows what else. All for the sake of the all mighty dollar. Yea I know ask your vet.......ask the doctor.....

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Hi Andrea I understand where your coming from about the mighty dollar. I feel same way do some research on over vaccinating you will be surpriused. I raise pit bulls for many years. My dogs get 1st shots.... and that's it! I have yet to have a dog get parvo ever! Maybe I'm just lucky.

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I have a Reindeer Chihuahua. A week after we got her she came down with parvo. I could not stand by and do nothing, so I took her to the vet. He gave me 3 choices. First, leave her in their hospital for 1300.00 and she will have a 90% chance to live. Secondly, come back every day for a shot in her neck, to keep her hydrated, at a cost of 100.00 per day and give her liquids every hour for those 7 days (which meant not going to work), or lastly, put her down. We chose number 2. The dog lived and is very healthy.

Now a year and a half later the vet has sent me a letter saying its time to bring her in for another parvo shot. Is this true? By the way, the first time I was there he told me that the shot would not really help save the dog and that it was really up to her. Do I need to get her another shot? Thanks for your help.

By Robert

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Change your Veterinarian the only correct statement is YES your Dog has to have a yearly C5 vaccination that includes Canine Parvoviris, Distemper, Kennel Cough and Heartworm Injections. Depending on the area you live anything else your vet feels is necessary. Depending on age this should have been done when you first owned the dog. I really am sorry for you. Please keep us all posted.

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My 6 month old Border Collie cross Bull Terrier came down with Parvo on Monday of last week. She was hospitalized immediately. Now she is back to herself; I got to take her home Thursday. I am still giving her the remaining antibiotics. Her last antibiotic will be today.

She is due for her first Parvo shot tomorrow. Will this kill her? To see her like she was last week was upsetting enough, and stressful for her, too. Will this vaccine cause the virus to flare up again? A friend had this happen to them where their dog got better, then he vaccinated the dog and it died.

By nykita from qld

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I just bought a one year old dog and she came down with Parvo the day after she came home. She just recently got the all clear from the vet. Our vet told us to come back when she is one hundred percent better to get her vaccinated.
I've been researching about it online and some people are saying that vaccinating a dog after it has survived Parvo could just make things worse. Should I go ahead and vaccinate her?

My other dog has been vaccinated, too. Is it still safe to keep him in the house and together with her?

By Nguyenn

Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

Yes, so your dog can live a good and happy life. (07/22/2009)

By gammer

Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

Hey folks,
In my personal experience, doctors, and to some degree, veterinarians, may be trained professionals...trained in a medical school that preaches drugs and vaccines. They are romanced by drug companies. Many times the opinion that you may get can have a healthy dose of "drugs" or "vaccines" in it.

Opinions, personal experiences and one on one contact with others should be considered very seriously. Sometimes these are more accurate or sensible than what you may get from a trained professional. Bear in mind that profit and not necessarily good intentions can motivate those in the health care "business". Fortunately this is not always true.

I have personally found that when you exhaust the knowledge of your trained professional, they are often unwilling to dig deeper or look harder. The individual who will do the research will live longer.

I believe in emergency medicine, both human and veterinary. I also believe in keeping an open mind and drawing your own conclusions, because just slapping drugs and/or vaccines on a problem will probably end up killing you.

Now that I step off my soap box, I can say that I keep hearing of dogs getting Parvo after being vaccinated, rather like our soldiers coming down with anthrax after the vaccination for that one, too. I have not studied it enough to offer an educated opinion, but I surely would do some checking in to it.

Bravo for inquiring of the masses instead of just blindly accepting what you are told! (07/24/2009)

By Gina J.

Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

Definitely get the shot. My vet said today if my dog gets better, then come back for the shot within 2 weeks. Right now I'm praying that my little buddy will go back for that shot. (08/07/2009)

By phileaglesfan

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How soon after having Parvo can my dog get a Parvo shot? And will it do any good?

Fawn from Bonifay, FL

Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

Ask your vet. (04/21/2008)

By Glenn'sMom

Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

Your vet office will answer this question by phone for free. (04/22/2008)

By kimhis

Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

Always ask your vet. (04/22/2008)

Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

I had two standard poodles saved from Parvo. It cost me $2,000! After they were well, my vet said they will never get Parvo again because they built up all the immunities necessary to attack it should it try to enter their systems again. (05/03/2008)

By Diana

Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

Puppies who have recovered from parvo will have natural immunity - the best kind. Even if exposed to a puppy who has a different strain of parvo than what they had, they will not get it again.

Lots of information here:

Continuing to vaccinate a puppy who has recovered from parvo can cause mild symptoms of the parvo disease such as vomiting, diarrhea, poor/finicky appetite, etc., so vaccinating for the disease after they have recovered is counter productive to the puppy, their health, and your pocket book. (10/24/2008)

By healthy pets

Dog Getting Parvo Shot After Having Parvo

No dog that has been ill should be vaccinated for anything until their immune system is built back up. For Parvo they won't need the vaccination again, and no other vaccines for 6 weeks after full recovery.

FYI, before vaccinating for Parvo make sure your dog's immune system is okay first! One of my pups had a weak immune system when vaccinated and 4 dogs wound up sick, 2 died and 2 survived. (04/15/2009)

By John4309

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