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How to Collect Seeds from Tornia or Wishbone Plant

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Does anyone know how to collect the seeds from the Tornia or Wishbone plant?



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By goodmom (Guest Post)10/29/2004

I noticed when I was pinching mine back this summer that it had tons of immature seeds. Before the frost, I cut off the dried up blooms and put them in a brown bag. When I go back to them, I expect to be able to shake the dried seeds into the bag. Also, I sprinked some of the seed into the soil around the plant mid-summer, and it sent up babies!

By Samantha (Guest Post)10/27/2004

I haven't done this yet, but I had torenia's come up again this year in my garden from seeds scattered by nature last year. If they are where you'd like them to be, leave them alone.....I will check my Torenia's tomorrow in the daylight and see if I have a solution for you.

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