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Cleaning a Sliding Door Track

sliding patio door

To keep your door opening and closing smoothly it helps to keep the track clean. This is a guide about cleaning a sliding door track.


Solutions: Cleaning a Sliding Door Track

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Tip: Cleaning a Sliding Door Track

To clean and lubricate the track for sliding doors or windows. First vacuum well, and spray with WD40. Remove grime with brush or cloth. Vacuum again if necessary.

Source: Window installer

By Elizabeth from Indianapolis

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Question: Cleaning Grimy Window Sills and Tracks

What is the best way to clean grimy window sills and tracks? I have some sliding windows and the tracks are very dirty. They are very hard to clean because of all the crevices. Is there a trick to cleaning this part of the window?


Question: Cleaning Sliding Door and Window Tracks

What is the easiest and fastest way to clean the tracks of sliding glass doors and windows?

By Kathie L.

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Most Recent Answer

By T Brad T. 01/26/2014

The two previous ways specified will work well at picking up dirt. Sometimes you will find a NYLON (not metal or wire) brush is best at dislodging hard dirt deposits and a vacuum is still the best option for getting that out. Remember the wheels are lubricated for a lifetime of opening and closing. The lubricant slows deposits into the tracks. So be sure to wipe away wetness if using solvents like vinegar so it doesn't interfere with the lubrication. It is recommended to relubricate, or general maintenance, annually.

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I have heavy old fashioned shower doors in my bathroom. It is getting harder and harder to open them. Anyone know how I can get them to move freely again?

PJ from WI


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By J Walker (Guest Post)03/01/2006

Clean the doors and runners with vinegar to remove calsium and minral deposits. Then either run parafin wax along the runners both top and bottom several times or use a clean bar of soap. Either should get them moving again. You will need to open and close the doors several times to lubricate the wheels but it should be done at least once a month to keep them working.

Question: Cleaning Aluminum Sliding Patio Door Tracks

I have patio door tracks that support glass doors with movement to open and shut by gliding on aluminum tracks for entry and view. They have gotten weather beaten and pitted. Is there any cleanser to get them looking better? Thanks.

By Julie C.