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Frigidaire Icemaker Not Filling With Water

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My Frigidaire Icemaker is not filling with water. The arm is also stuck in one spot. The tray is turning, so that still works. What could be the problem?

By Belva from Phoenix, AZ


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By Tery07/28/2009

It happened to my Frigidaire too when we turned off the water under the sink because of a leak. It was going through the motions of trying to make ice but there was no water coming in to fill it. I took several suggestions from similar posts. I flushed mine out with warm water from the back of the fridge after unplugging the refrigerator and unscrewing the water line from the back. Tiny pieces of ice slid down the chute. I thought it was still broken because it didn't fill the ice cube tray with water immediately. The next morning, to my surprise, the ice maker made us a generous supply of ice cubes all night long.

By Darline Thompson07/26/2009

Hey all you people with Icemaker problems. Don't be so fast about calling a repair man. My icemaker stopped working and it was not filling up with water. The first thing I thought about is that it probably was froze up so I took a hair dryer and turned it onto the back of the refrig were the water goes into the icemaker. Be careful not to leave it very long for fear of melting the tube, just keep doing it every so often and yes it works my icemaker is working fine. I also turned the temp down on the freezer alittle. There is a little tube behind the icemaker were the water runs in, I also took the icecube tray out and held the blower on that for alittle while. You will be so happy when the ice cubes start dumping out into that tray.


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Question: Water Not Getting to Icemaker

Fridgidaire side by side is not getting water to the ice tray. It cycles fine, water is pumped up the water line in back of the fridge, but doesn"t go past the valve.

By djc

Most Recent Answer

By G Blackman [1]06/15/2013

My KitchenAid stopped producing ice; however, when I changed the water filter cartridge, it started up again.

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