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Delicate Necklaces Tangle When Worn Together

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When I wear two or more delicate necklaces, they inevitably get tangled together. Any idea how to prevent this? I just want them to lay flat. I may invent something that will prevent this, but until then, anyone know of anything?

By Cherissa from Austin, TX


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By jean leiner [14]01/15/2010

Do you want them to stay untangled while wearing them? If the chains are different lengths, try crossing the two necklaces, and fastening the clasp of one to the ring of the other.

By Gwen Pitchford01/14/2010

Hook the clasps. Then keep them in stacking ice cube trays in your dresser. (Of course, only one necklace to each cube space.) If the necklace is an expensive piece, you might want to protect it by keeping it in an individual box or wrapping it in tissue. I also store earrings like this.

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