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Christmas Ornaments Made From Tongue Depressors

Tongue Depressor Ornament

These ornaments are made from tongue depressors and are very easy to make.

For the snowman you need:

  • tongue depressor
  • black felt (hat)
  • white paint (body)
  • black paint (eyes and mouth)
  • orange paint (nose)
  • sequins
  • ribbon
  • glitter glue

For the angel you need:

  • tongue depressor
  • white paint (dress)
  • beige paint (head)
  • black paint (eyes)
  • red paint (mouth)
  • rafia
  • (hair, arms, wings)
  • ribbon
  • sequins
  • glitter glue

All you do is paint and glue. I used glitter glue to attach the small sequins but used hot glue for the rafia, felt, and ribbon.

Christmas Ornaments from Tongue Depressors

By luv2craft from Normalville, Pennsylvania

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By IMAQT1962 (Guest Post)12/20/2005


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