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I bought some static decorations, the type that are supposed to stick to just about any glass surface and then peel off when you're done with them. Well, my two Santa stick-ons don't stick. Anyone know something I can do to make some staticy or something so that I can hang them? I wanted to hang them in the back windows of my van, one on each side.

I tried rubbing one on my head like you do balloons at parties. But I don't have enough hair on my head to make a hair ball let alone static. I could just tape them up but I would rather not get tape on my windows. They might be hard to clean up after the holidays. My family used to hang window film and we used soapy water to help it stick. Do you think that might work? Anyone have other suggestions? Thanks.

By Suntydt from Tazewell, TN


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By mcw 80 1,754 12/09/2009

Wipe the window with a damp cloth, that might help them to stick better.

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By Joan 13 1,482 12/09/2009

I always clean the windows with a spray cleaner, but even then sometimes the window clings don't stick. I have found that I have to wet the back side a little bit. I have tried keeping a small bowl of water and sticking my fingers in it and moistening the back side, but then I had drips of water running down the window. What I end up doing is rubbing my tongue on the back side of them like you would to moistend the old fashioned stamps. I have had people tell me that is gross, but it works, and I look at it like th is whatever works for me, works.

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By KL 3 554 12/09/2009

Ditto what was stated below...clean window, clean clings and use a little bit of moisture between.
or check out this: http://www.ehow.com/how_5207922_make-window-clings-stick-again.html

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By Sandra Mercer 11 60 12/12/2009

Thanks for the best laugh of my day!

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By Travis S. 1 09/15/2015


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