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Crafts Made With Wine Corks


Uses for wine corks?

By McTeapot from MA


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By Christine Biernat 8 91 08/18/2009 Flag

I was at the craft mall the other day and someone had taken a tray and glued the corks (sideways) across to make a pretty little display. I bet you could use it to serve with or put it on the wall for a message center like mentioned above. Also, If you really love the corks, try arranging them in a shadow box and create a great work of art. Maybe decorate with some miniature wine bottles and glasses around the bottom. Fun! I don't drink wine so I am never able to collect enough corks to create anything like this. Have fun!

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By susan cantin 5 100 08/21/2009 Flag

Corks, glued together make a very attractive trivet for hot pots.

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By jean leiner 15 408 09/16/2009 Flag

If you click on Woman's Day Magazine wine cork Christmas tree under related links, you will find directions for a cute holiday project. I made one and am making another. We always have lots of corks because we make home made wine.

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By Tonya 7 94 01/17/2010 Flag

You might also want to check Better Homes and Gardens' website. It is I know I have seen a wine cork wreath idea there.

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By Philippa 1 12/25/2010 Flag

I'm in New Zealand, and want to make a wine cork board but have very few wine corks! Any ideas where I could buy in bulk?

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

Tips and ideas for making crafts with wine corks.

Wine Cork Wreaths

Make wine cork wreaths - hold the corks together using straightened paperclips and bend into a round shape. Add tiny ribbon bows between each cork or one large bow on top as a hanger. Make great gifts!

By Valerie

A Bulletin Board

Cut them in 1/2 length wise and glue them next to each other and you've got a message center. Thumb tack notes to it.

By Jay

Finger Puppets

You can paint them and then paint faces on them. Add hair and then attach, with glue, a piece of wrap around velcro to back side of wine cork. You can then attach this to your finger to use as a finger puppet. Add doll clothes to your fingers or even attach clothes to base of cork for more details. They make cute dolls.

By tklein9382

Dining Room Baseboard

They make a really attractive dining room baseboard. Cut them in half, stick on the wall, and top with a piece of quarter-round.

By Dragon

Decorator Wreath Idea

Wine corks and miniature wine bottles makes a nice decorator wreath.

By Syd

Drum Beads

<img src="" align="right" hspace="10" />Here's a new one I just ran into:

Fiber Drum Necklace

This shows you how to fabricate wine corks into little drums to use as beads in a necklace. Requires small pieces of leather, thread and cork.

By Susan from ThriftyFun

Wine Cork Hot Pad

While helping to clean up after my nephew's wedding, I gathered all the wine corks. Later at home I made them into a hot pad or trivet. I just arranged them in a single layer in rows, turning them so the top was up and the next one the top was down, as they are fatter at the top, turning them help equal that out, till I found what I thought looked good and then hot glued them together.

Glued a ribbon around them, so it made a loop at the top to be hung up if they wished. Wrote on the back of it with a Sharpie permanent marker their names and wedding date & my name. I hope that gives you another idea.

By trashcrafter


RE: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

To add to the hot pad feedback - my sister takes a picture frame, without the glass, and glues the half corks inside the confines of the edges. This gives it a more finished look, and you can still glue a ribbon on it to hang it. (07/27/2006)

By mrsmutt

RE: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

I keep wine corks in a basket with a pretty ribbon tied on the basket handle. It can be displayed with a wine bottle in a wine basket on a pretty tray; embellished with artificial flowers/artificial grape clusters or even real flowers and grapes; tuck some greenery between the flowers and grapes . This arrangement would be nice for a couple's gathering with hor d'orves, drinks, etc. (07/06/2007)

By WandaJo

RE: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

For the hot plates what kind of glue did you use? Glue gun isn't holding and I'm afraid it might melt with a hot pan on it? Help!
mhprep AT (09/12/2007)

By maggi

RE: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

I saw in one of the women's mags a Christmas tree (centerpiece) made out of wine corks. Does any one know which magazine it was. Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal? (10/29/2007)

By amy

RE: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

The Christmas tree made of wine corks was in Woman's Day, Dec 5 2006 issue. (02/17/2008)

By cj

RE: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

Hi all, here's one I haven't seen yet. My son had a project using trash at school and I had kept a bagful of corks from our local restaurant. We used the corks and built a Log Cabin house.

Using a shoe box cut out windows and doors and then as they normally lay out logs extending at the corner of the house do the same with the logs (corks). They are easily cut by placing on your cutting board and using a sharp knife. We used whole corks but you could also cut them in half lengthwise. Get Corking! (05/08/2008)

By Rebecca

Archive: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

I want information on making crafts from wine corks such as wreaths, trivets, coasters, and bulletin boards. I want to know how to cut the cork so that it does not come apart.

Archive: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

I am looking for craft ideas for wine corks. Any ideas?

By raven69 from Northern CA


RE: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

My friend's mom made an awesome wreath for her apartment. It probably took between 150 - 200 wine corks. (07/20/2009)

By jlct67

RE: Crafts Made With Wine Corks

I made a lot of horses out of corks, 1 for head, 1 for body and I cut two for the legs or, if small, use 4, and glue a little yarn for mane. She did a western Christmas tree. (07/21/2009)

By sallysue

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