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What is makeup made of?

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I need a site that tells what different make up is made of. Please Help. =)

Samantha from Portsmouth, OH


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By (Guest Post)02/03/2009

Do you know any websites on what makeup is made of?

By need help (Guest Post)01/14/2009

Someone please help me find some websites to go to for the history of makeup! I'm doing a project in school and I cant find any information. Please :(

By brittany (Guest Post)08/13/2008

Heard thats what make up is made from that as well.

By Leeda (Guest Post)12/04/2007

I really really really liked your website its the best! keep up the good work!
Thank You!

By Cyinda [214]03/04/2007

Here's the answer to your question:

Make up is made of either food grade ingredients and/or ingredients approved by the FDA. If you want to make something for a project, why not make bath products? (Like bath salt, bath fizzes, scented bath oil & lotion) They are MUCH easier to make.

-----> Here's my personal recipe for bath salts: SUPER EASY & FAST!


* Epson salts or large rock salt (the kind you put on your sidewalk to melt ice)
* Food Coloring
* Paper plates
* Essential Oil (scented oil) I like grapefruit oil... you can get this at a health food store
* Rubbing Alcohol
* Paper Towels
* Pretty Containers or Baggies


---In a disposable cup or bowl mix together about 3 or so Tablespoons of alcohol.
To the alcohol add a few drops of the scented oil & about 8 or so drops of food coloring & stir well.
--- Put the salt into a disposable bowl or cup & pour just enough of the scented & colored alcohol mixture over the salt to barely wet it.
--- Take about 6 paper plates & between each paper plate put 2 paper towels (ie: stack 1 P-plate, then 2 P towels, the a P plate , etc.)
--- Pour wet scented salt mixture on the stacked paper plates.
--- Microwave the wet salt mixture for 1 to 2 minute, then stir, microwave for another minute, stir again.... Keep microwaving until the alcohol is nearly evaporated from the salt.
--- When the scented salt mixture is TOTALLY cooled down, pour into your nice containers.
--- To use, add a bit to your bath when running the water.

*** a few important notes: You can change up the recipe & add more scented oil or more color if you like. (Blue works well & looks cool in the bath water) When making this, do it AFTER dinner, as it will REALLY smell up the house & you'll want your microwave to air out for a few hours before using it for food. Do not make this in a house where people have allergies or asthma! You might need to open the windows & air the place out a bit or you could just take the microwave to the outside porch. The smell of the rubbing alcohol will totally go away after the salt has dried & cooled. (or you can use 100 proof Vodka to make this recipe) These handmade products should be kept out of the sun & in a dark cool place with tight caps. The recipe I gave you is for a small batch, just add more color, scent, alcohol & salt to make more. You can always add more food coloring & stir it into the wet salt mixture before it's microwaved if the color isn't dark enough for you, but before adding more oil, always mix it with a bit of alcohol.

--- Mix together MINERAL OIL (it's located in the drug store or grocery store in the "Laxative" area)
--- Essential oil
--- & coloring (the food coloring won't mix with the oil unless you first mix the food color with a few drops of alcohol) OR you can use liquid Icing coloring.
--- Pour into pretty bottles

Here's a great recipe for how to make lip gloss: ... cle/0,2025,DIY_13744_5297905,00.html

Recipes for bath products:
Make-up recipes, ingredients & containers:

Hope this helps!

By dawne (Guest Post)03/04/2007 has a free dictionary of common cosmetics ingredients. Look under the "learn" category, this site is a really good resource.


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Archive: What is makeup made of?

What is makeup made of? I am trying to make up my own science project.

Amanda from Bartow Florida

RE: What is makeup made of?

It contains all sorts of chemicals, clay, colorings, etc., not easily found, blended, and mixed by hand, not ALWAYS bacteria free after the first time you use them. (08/28/2006)

By Lynda

RE: What is makeup made of?

Go to They have several different categories. Look under the category of Beauty Recipes. That should help you tremendously. Good Luck! (08/29/2006)

By Margaret

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